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  3. Hi HLL2017, Sorry to hear about the dismissal from your PA program. Well, I only gave PA school application cycle one shot and called it quits when I had no luck in getting in. So kudos to you to making it that far. As for direct entry MSN...be very careful of which one you do attend. Make sure this type of program awards a BSN and MSN upon successful completion. The politics in nursing is confusing and there are a ton of way one can become a RN...even FNP. Some direct entry MSN programs make you a Masters Prepared RN and not an FNP, whereas, some allows you to practice as a MSN prepared FNP. PA and NP training are vastly different. PA school is rigorous regarding medical knowledge and disease pathophysiology and pharmacology. NP school is strenuous regarding disease prevention and behavioral/lifestyle wellness. Two different forms of training...HOWEVER, once in practice, the NP's mindset completely changes which mimics that of PAs which resembles that of physicians. Pathophysiology + Meds = temporary fix. Nursing programs may not even care that you got dismissed from PA school. If you meet the requirements and are able to afford the program...you're pretty much good to go. I went into my nursing school interview knowing that they knew about me being rejected from their PA program...and here I am, 9 months in as a nurse. You might want to research BSN vs MSN...RN vs NP...because I noticed you're comparing MSN to PA...where in reality you can be a MSN RN but not a MSN FNP upon completion of said MSN program.
  4. This. Plausible sounding stories are either true, or from good liars. So... 1) Let them talk, tell you their story "Is that all?" 2) "I'm going to go run a PMP query. Is there anything you haven't already told me that I will find on there?" Then run the query, if you haven't already. If they've 'forgotten' anything more than a few Vicodin from a dentist, we're done. 3) "We're going to have you pee in a cup, for an instant-read drug screen. Is there anything that might show up in there you want to tell me about?" Then run the drug screen, and have the send-out confirmation done for any discrepancies before any prescribing, no matter what their protestations. If they can't pay for the drug screen, they can't get drugs from you, simple as that. If they can't pee right now, they can have as much time and water as they need until the clinic closes, but they must give a sample before leaving the premises, or again, we're done. TL;DR: trust everyone, but cut the cards.
  5. I've practiced in related specialties--family and occupational medicine aren't that far apart, and sleep medicine and eating disorders treatment are both internal medicine sub-specialties. I feel like surgery and EM diverge more, and it would be difficult to do either part-time without having done it full-time for a while first, but I expect you can find someone here who has done it.
  6. Quick question, on Friday what time do they usually meet up? I have school on Fridays and was wondering what would happen if I couldn’t make the Friday interview session due to having class that I cannot miss? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Last year my first interviewer did not have mine with her so unsure if she read it before or not. My second interviewer had it with him right on the table lol. And my 2 on 1 Interview they did not have it on them
  8. I got mine about 10 days after I applied. It says: Thank you for your interest in our program. We have received your completed application, official GRE scores, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and payment of the supplemental application fee. Your application is now complete and will be eligible for the screening process. Interviews are held in January yearly by invitation only. You will be notified by email if you are chosen for an interview once the screening process is complete. Please remember that completion and verification of your CASPA application is not approval of your prerequisite coursework by our program. Verification and approval of your prerequisites will happen only after an offer of admission is made and accepted. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that all prerequisite coursework is complete and meets the requirements outlined on our website, www.bcm.edu/pap. Failure to do so will result in withdraw of the offer of admission. If you have questions, you can email paprogram@bcm.edu.
  9. Hi! Thank you so much for this! I have an interview for Sept. 5th. did you already fill your space ?
  10. Agreed... These NP schools have a 97% average acceptance rate...they are the lowest rank NP schools though. https://www.usnews.com/education/best-graduate-schools/the-short-list-grad-school/articles/2016-08-16/10-graduate-nursing-programs-with-the-highest-acceptance-rates Top NP schools seems to be more selective and have a sub 30% at about 24% acceptance rate. Meanwhile PA school acceptance rates are 34%. https://www.google.com/amp/s/blog.accepted.com/how-to-get-accepted-to-physician-assistant-pa-programs/amp/ Couldn't find a breakdown of acceptance rates by ranking in my quick Google search but back when I began applying (early 2000's) it was much lower like 10% on average IIRC. I remember an old poster here (LesH) used to always tell me "get in where you fit in" he was a PD for an excellent but now defunct program (due to the masters requirement). The school I attended according to one of the ADCOM that is a friend told me we had a 6-8% acceptance rate around that time. I actually applied 5x before I got in. Some of the older folk here may remember single digit acceptance rates being more common. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  11. I got invited to interview on that same day! Looking forward to meeting you!
  12. I don’t think the NP door can ever be shut for someone. There is an online NP school somewhere in this country that will take your money no matter your circumstances
  13. We were told it would be a couple weeks. The faculty and admissions committee has to meet but one of the faculty members will be away for some time working on a new course. They said they hope it won’t be too long of a wait.
  14. When did they open on CASPA? I checked back in June and didn't even see the school listed and thought that was due to probationary status.
  15. Does anyone know what they mean by “academic interview” ?
  16. Have people received any sort of confirmation email yet? Like anything saying that CASPA is complete and received by the program? I am debating if I should be emailing them to confirm.
  17. had a student flunk out of myPA program in same city he signed up for NP program soon there after he is an NP now.... go figure....
  18. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knows if the interview will be open or closed? In other words, will the interviewers have access to our CASPA application during the interview... or no?
  19. It doesn't go to the following year? In prior years the interview dates extended into the following year.
  20. Application Was verified 6/12 and had an interview on 8/9. Have yet to hear back they said 2-3 weeks after the interview you'll know the decision.
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