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  2. I interviewed on 2/26/19. Yes, I sent one in April updating my hours/shadowing/grades because in the interview result email, they mentioned we were able to send an update email to our application after April if you wanted to.
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  4. Hello! My timeline for application; CASPA Application Submitted and Verified on 05/15 Duke Receipt Verification 05/22, Received Supplemental 05/22 Supplemental Submitted and verified by Duke 05/25 Good luck Everyone!
  5. I have several incident command system courses that I’ve taken through FEMA that resulted in course completion certificates. Should I list all of these under my certifications in CASPA?
  6. That's really sad, considering that the NP/PA students do the vast majority of their classes together at that institution? I would think it would a great place for PAs. That's a shame.
  7. +1, It seems like you are fully aware that you don't know everything, you know you can improve, but the second you revert back to being a student and being eager to learn again it's uncomfortable to you. I think it would be best to check your ego and keep learning. Aspire so next time he tries to pimp you, you can answer adequately, and possibly even come back with some questions he might not know.
  8. Hey guys, I will be applying to PA school this cycle and I was talking to an admissions counselor at the PA school I am interested in going (in my home town) about my academic record/healthcare experience and how I can be a more competitive applicant. In conclusion, she recommended I re-take Gen Chem II cause I got a D the first time I took it. Some background on me is that I have a cGPA of 3.1 and I knew that wasn't competitive enough for PA school and decided to get a Master's in Science which I got a cGPA of 3.5 with a sGPA of 3.6. I figured that since I took a lot of upper level chemistry and biochem courses in grad school it would counteract my D in gen chem II. However, they don't factor in grad grades with the undergrad pre-req grades which I should've known and feel stupid that I don't so I am looking at retaking gen chem over the summer before Aug 1. Other areas of my app are very strong with a good enough GRE, over 2,500 healthcare hours and other volunteer experience. This is literally my last battle and any advice would be amazing! SO she recommended I take Gen Chem II online at UNE (University of New England) and she said I;d be able to finish that in 8 weeks. I absolutely hated GC II and I really need to pull off an A. I've never experienced taking an online class through UNE...if any of you guys have had any experience and how hard you think it would be to pull off an A that would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Applied last cycle and submitted my application yesterday after retaking 2 classes, improving GRE and shadowing.
  10. Can we take this on a side track for a moment? How many use the insulin initiation formula to start insulin? With regard to the initial issue, during our monthly doc meeting Thursday (as I'm loading up on Mexican food carbs) I ran this by our collaborating docs (FM) and the wheels were spinning as they pondered this and as I recall their responses were the same which was if asx. and <10 on the TSH then why initiate therapy? Now, if the patient is stable on it (me for example), cost is not a factor (isn't), then should we discontinue med and recheck labs in three months due to CV risk for example (when you get older like me, near retirement, and have no exciting plans why not contemplate some AF to keep one busy)? The answer was probably not. Are there any more tortilla chips?
  11. I would go so far as to say that they can be beneficial for extrication purposes on site and since they're on the backboard and now easily movable from stretcher in the box to stretcher in the ED, why not leave them on it (EMS perspective)? I used to be the same way during my ED time. Ambulatory on scene? Yes? Any other distracting injury? No. "Here's your board guys." as they were rolling the stretcher out of the room toward the unit. Same with c-collars. No step-off on palpation or pinpoint tenderness over spine and ambulatory? Here's your collar as well.
  12. Congratulations on your acceptance! My interviews are on Wednesday - any advice? I really love this program and am really excited about it.
  13. Go to City-Data.com...Forums.....California.....type in Modesto in search bar. That site has great forums on every city in every state. You will get all the info you need on Modesto. I've never lived there, but when I lived in SoCal it was not known as a desirable place to live.
  14. Considering switching positions, how do you like working for the organization? I got some benefits info and medical insurance costs $0 for me and any children which is nice. It looks like they are willing to work with me to do a 4 10 schedule and are negotiable on salary. How easy is the "quality" bonus to hit each year? Thanks!
  15. Did anyone hear anything yet? I was verified 5/20 but did not receive anything yet.
  16. I did my personal and academic interviews in early May (notified of scheduling these via email) and completed the Casper test. My understanding was we do not receive the results of the Casper test, they go straight to the school. I was notified of acceptance by phone call and then email with the official letter. I believe there are 60 seats for the 2020 cohort but I do not know how many have been filled. If things are the same as last year, the application cycle goes into the fall and it’s possible to be offered acceptance all the way into October.
  17. Hello everybody! I'm just interested to know if anyone has gotten any calls for interviews yet? I'm a ball of stress. I wish you all luck
  18. For those who have been accepted, when did you receive your acceptance? Are we to assume for the holiday weekend that nothing will be released until Tuesday the 28th?
  19. Senator Schumer <senator@schumer.senate.gov> May 24, 2019, 4:51 PM (14 hours ago) to me Dear Mr. Blumm: Thank you for writing to express your support for S.296, the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2019. I agree that nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other non-physician advanced practice professionals play a vital role in our healthcare system, and I support their increasingly critical work in the home health care space. As you know, Medicare provides home health care services that are cheap, convenient, and effective and non-physician clinicians, like nurse practitioners and physician assistants, already play a significant role in providing care to home health care patients. Currently, nurse practitioners and physician assistants can treat patients independently, prescribe medications, and order nursing care, but they are not able to order home care services; they must get a physician to certify their assessment, causing a delay in care for the patient. We must continue to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries are able to receive high quality medical care and treatments in a timely manner. I am proud to support Medicare beneficiaries and happy to let you know that I was the original Democratic lead on the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act when it was first introduced in the 114th Congress. This Congress, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) have re-introduced the Home Health Care Improvement Act, which seeks to ensure timely access to home health services. The bill is being reviewed by the Senate Committee on Finance. I will continue to monitor this legislation and fight for Medicare beneficiaries. Again, thank you for contacting me. Please keep in touch with your thoughts and opinions. Sincerely, Charles E. Schumer United States Senator
  20. I'd say, add them. If they are from undergrad, esp. if it was when you were taking prerequisites. Why not?
  21. Also got waitlisted from 5/17. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
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