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VA takes first steps for potential Full Practice Authority for PAs

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I think it's still subject to state laws and regs but this is good news methinks.... 


Furthermore, they used an NP win to our advantage!

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1 hour ago, Cideous said:

This could be a good thing...if you work for the VA.  I know we are looking for any victory we can find, but what about the other 99% of PA's not working at the VA?

Get the toehold you can, demonstrate that the sky is not falling, expand, repeat.  Works for others, why not us?

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In Texas we had this odd system where when we wanted to expand our scope somehow it would get approved for use in underserved areas and then after nobody died it would be rolled out more generally. I'm not sure why country folks were the test subjects but it worked.

So Rev's point about toe holds is true. Make a crack and then leverage it.

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