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  1. How is MJ non an issue? It’s a Schedule I substance in the eyes of the DEA Most pain practices near me don’t even prescribe opioids anymore and only do injections; so opioid prescribing is all on PCPs (def not envious of y’all). Here in FL, PAs can’t write for Schedule II opioids for chronic use, so it’s mostly a non issue on PA side of things
  2. I certainly am not counting the joke of a legislation Utah PAs passed
  3. We aren’t providing physicians with community service, we are making them money.
  4. IMHO after some years of experience PAs are gonna be on par with NPs in pretty much any specialty. Reverse would also be true
  5. This is the attitude we need to have. Instead of drooling over MD like they are medical deities
  6. I often have to have a conversation with whoever is hiring that we are more similar than different, which is really true except maybe in certain states where there may be minor differences. I’ve found that I have to answer yes to NP license. I have ended up ultimately hearing back from some jobs that way; some would reiterate that they only want an NP; and most ofc you won’t heard anything back from. YMMV In psych, in my experience, PA only jobs are really second rate jobs that most NPs wouldn’t want to do
  7. Someone's got nothing better to do there. Who cares what they think anyways?
  8. There's a CAQ for Hospitalist med. Removing supervision requirements isn't about new grads going and opening solo practices; but about being competitive in the job market for both new grads and seasoned PAs. Let's say a PA has decades of experience in one specialty but wants to switch. If we were to tie independence to specialty experience, then that PA would be less competitive in some ways than a new grad NP requiring no supervision whatsoever. Also, we need to chart our own destiny and cannot rely on physician organizations to propel us forward. (You don't see optometrists trying to get und
  9. As far as independence goes, anything less than what NPs have will still keep us uncompetitive with them Actually in my field, CAQ is being recognized by many employers. So that could be another inexpensive way to market us as specialists
  10. Our MAs are on Medicaid.. Our healthcare system is a shame and I don't have too much hope it's gonna change
  11. My non-medical friend asked me what's the big deal? So you are like a Walmart Associate?
  12. Time to move on and work on FPA, not some OTP crap
  13. Not really. NPs are independent in over 30 states. For psych specifically, many jobs are from therapy groups; who aren’t gonna be paying an MD for supervision when they can hire an NP. Also forget jobs, many NPs create their own jobs. Not that PAs can’t do it, but it’s more complicated for having to have an SP. I’ve spoken to PA practice owners who advised me that you should also have a back up SP.
  14. Because specialized NP > Assistant. Just had my PCP refer to his NP as Dr So and So
  15. PAssociate - fine, but why waste 2 years and a million dollars to come up with MCP title ?
  16. Tbh I’ve only heard of MCP on this forum, which is the title I support. However, when I talk to PAs I know most are in favor of associate or keeping the assistant title.
  17. I worked at a place where front desk would start to b*** and complain if I were to start running 5 mins late.. They could also easily squeeze an emergency into an empty slot without letting me know, expecting me to be constantly checking the schedule. Smh. Scheduling patients as phone calls who are completely inappropriate for a phone consult. Interrupting me to change that status of the patient (not like they do anything about it). I could go on and on. Worst of all I couldn't tell them to do things any different as it was all coming from upper management hours away from the office
  18. Reminds of an interview I did at an Adventist facility; the lady spent so much time talking about God before switching the convo that expected patient load is 30 pts a day..
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