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  1. I am shoo in! (bad grammar on purpose for the joke to work... I got called out on another thread for a math error... That one hurt cuz I'm Asian )
  2. Out of service, out of [medicine], I wouldn't hang about!
  3. But..but...He's been heavily involved in PA policy and sat on many boards for the past 100 years blah blah blah...
  4. I've precepted both PA and NP students and my best student was an NP (former IMG and RN though). I have almost always (Except the IMG/RN) had to teach them pathophysiology from scratch but having said that, at the end of their times with me they have always been very appreciative and ended up, along with my PA students, great freshly minted providers. For the original intent of the thread though, I have used Cat 2 hours for this which I think sucks and we should get at least Cat 1 credits since it is not merely having someone shadow you. I found myself studying to anticipate possible questions etc. But I don't see an accrediting body approving Cat 1 for this, I wish the schools can get Cat 1 Accreditation for us. I know they give NPs units for their scale for precepting students.
  5. I was an ST in the Navy (as well as a Gen Duty Corpsman) and not too much in being an ST gives you a leg up except for suturing and knowing the OR protocols etc. You still have to do all the PA Pre-reqs. I suppose you'll ace your surgical rotation as I did though it was my toughest one (it involved managing pts pre and post op as well as clinic time which we didn't do as STs). I had other pre-PA professional experience too so my perspective is not strictly from a ST to PA...But It is definitely possible but you have to do the other preparatory things. Go For It!!!
  6. You should check out the HUDDLE... Lots of out of touch individuals...
  7. I hear ya Rev... I'm not on the "PA to NP" bunch as I'd just stay a PA until I retire or die but unless our leadership and our collective body wakes up we'll be fighting for a place at the table forever.
  8. We will continue to look like the third stringers...
  9. As I posted on another thread... I have 4,160 workdays left to go...
  10. Same... Counting days to retirement... (I still have 4,160 workdays left to go)
  11. That's easy though, by NP's own definition, they do not practice "medicine"...
  12. https://www.newswise.com/articles/american-academy-of-dermatology-association-statement-on-physician-assistant-name-change
  13. I guess I am old as well ... WTH is a discord? And why are they walking on my lawn!?!
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