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  1. I mean I have 40+ years left in professional life, so if push came to shove.. If we could just do a medical residency, that would be even better
  2. APP is a great term to refer to both of our professions, but it doesn't separate us from NPs
  3. I never even put mine on. All PAs do more or less same rotations
  4. I think if you are interested in a high paying specialty, it may very well be worth it. For primary care, hail nah
  5. This is good info. Apparently they are withdrawing from ACEN accreditation which may make it even more difficult to gain RN license. Also the tuition is $500 per credit..
  6. The biggest hurdle I see is getting the RN degree as that has a large clinical component. For all the talk about DO/MD bridge, what we really need are NP bridges
  7. Tbh I would have gone to get that NP if I was an RN already. It just seems like we are trying to accomplish what NPs have already done a long time ago (name that patients understand, plus ever expanding autonomy). We are not even pushing for the same autonomy that they already have.
  8. Not to mention OTP does not waive supervision altogether
  9. I guess it's better than nothing. I expect in 5 years NPs will have independence in just about every state. Looking at the report, I see no reason for why it was delayed until November from the original date; especially since HOD didn't need to take any action on it. Honestly, this report should have taken way less than 2.5 years (3 years until HOD takes any action on it, and that if the next conference does not get delayed) to complete - how long does it take to survey 100 physicians and 200 employers?
  10. I hope not. Most professions do not add a C to their title. If MCP passes, I suppose you could tell patients that you are a Medical Practitioner (MP) for short. Also what will AAPA change their name to? AMPA? What about state associations?
  11. I don’t believe that VA facilities are subject to state laws, so good news
  12. Remember that to be eligible for any CAQ, you need work experience and don't have to spend money on additional degree
  13. Not to mention the idea that you get to keep only 10% is insulting
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