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  1. Try Psych. Lots of psych jobs for new grads in NC
  2. I've met an ENT doc once who was a former PA. She was so anti PA it was unbelievable
  3. Ask the PT where they got their medical training from
  4. I was very confused on how to fill out the survey. They should let us in specialties do the CAQ in place of PANRE and as away compete with "specialized" NPs
  5. Just noticed that Immediate Past President is working for JPMorgan now. Hard to imagine this lady found some better opportunity than to serve her term as President.
  6. Or when they forget we can look up their controls.. even from other states. I had a lady try to convince me she was prescribed fentanyl for a tooth infection in ER
  7. I had that happen; Adderall's dose was 30 mg tid and Xanax also something crazy
  8. My life would have been easier as an NP. They are crushing us in outpatient specialties such as psych
  9. Also, let's not forget that most NP programs cost 30k or less and most NPs come out with little to no debt since they work while they are in school. Meanwhile, PA program costs have been rising out of control and most new PAs, myself including, cannot just jump ship due to student debt nor have a different career to fall back on, such as being an RN (How many NPs have gone back to bedside nursing during the pandemic to make more than they would as providers?)
  10. I remember quitting my scribing job as soon as I got into PA school and doing substitute teaching while waiting to start school. I was quite over being on my feet all day and putting up with some of the physician and office manager personalities while I could sit in a class all day and get paid more doing it. I've really come to believe that healthcare has a toxic and archaic culture that is more resistant to change than any other industry. I look at my friends who have been working from home while sipping Sangria since the start of the pandemic and really doubt my choice of the career (com
  11. I can't imagine NPs wanting to absorb PAs, especially if they were to read Huddle.. They have a whole different mindset starting from being an RN - even though they carry out provider orders; they work under their own license and are not anyone's assistant or associate. Some PAs have oedipus complex with their SPs
  12. Idk why anyone would work as an MA for a medical office when they can make more at Walmart (or wherever else) and get benefits
  13. I am pretty sure all PA programs require a master's thesis or project. This is what's frustrating to me about DMSc - at lease my MMS covered pretty much the same curriculum
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