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  1. My long term goal is to get an RN; as our profession is dying a slow, painful death
  2. We don't add anything to their legislative efforts except a ton of members who are opposed to independence
  3. I was thinking of doing DMSc - now I think an RN degree would be 100 x better
  4. The academics should be ashamed of themselves. I betcha they also support 6 year recertification cycles, forever being under the thumb of physicians and limited prescribing by PAs. They are also all from the states with independent NP practice (AZ, MD and DC) Pull the money from useless NCCPA and make title change happen I otolaryngologists can market themselves as EAR NOSE THROAT we sure as heck can market MEDICAL PRACTITIONER
  5. We have to be able to create jobs for ourselves, otherwise we are left for scraps
  6. NCCPA is lord Sith of our profession
  7. BuT oUr TrAiNinG iS sO gOoD So good that as a PA can't send Adderall for patients in FL for a patient, but an NP can
  8. The problem with our profession is that surgical PA only care about surgical PA, EM care about EM, etc. They don't give a crap about me only having to scrap for crappy Psych jobs. Whereas, nurses are all nurses and all lobby for each other
  9. Idk rural CA should pay double of that at least
  10. No one's gonna take that job in the middle of nowhere
  11. PAEA position statement is embarrassing. Their ranks are full of Assistants who haven't practiced clinically for decades and are out of touch with modern trends in healthcare. Compare it to NP educators who are often the driving force for change in their profession https://www.aapa.org/download/82110/ https://www.aapa.org/download/82107/ https://www.aapa.org/download/82114/
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