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  1. I am not sure what you mean by registering your license. In my state PMP registers you as soon as you sign up.
  2. You need a job before you can apply for DEA, as they will ask for your SP
  3. Absolutely not. I would stay in school forever, maybe become a professor, which I am still interested in teaching at a PA program in the future. But practice clinically, absolutely not. Too high risk and things seem to be getting worse, not better in medicine
  4. The deemphasis of physical exams is only going to accelerate with most healthcare visits occurring virtually now.
  5. I don't understand how NPs are cheap - in my specialty (Psych) PAs are the cheap labor since NPs do not require supervision, can bill for psychotherapy, have a better name recognition. Lots of groups that hire them (psychologists and therapists) do not have the money to pay a psychiatrist to supervise a PA but can pay a little extra for an NP. They are also not going to work for less than they made as RNs; compare that to PAs most of who do not have a fall back career and even if paid $25 an hour, would still make more than let's say they did as an MA. I have friends in Florida working for $25
  6. PA profession for whatever reason is opposed to scholarly work and moving to a Doctoral degree. We are the last of Mohicans, it also doesn’t help that we don’t have much to show for all of our supposedly superior training. It is also very true in the Psych world. There are NPs who present at conferences for physicians
  7. To be certain UAPA are the ones pushing for this bill: https://utahapa.mypanetwork.com/page/696-utah-s-b-28-physician-assistant-mental-health-practice-amendments And it gets much worse than this as their original proposal was for PAs to complete either 10,000 hours of post-PA practice or 4,000 hours plus DMS/residency. Looks like the PAs pushing for this have significant stake at one of the DMS programs in Utah. I mean, who needs NP and MD opposition when we have PAs trying to undermine our own profession
  8. Looking at the text of the bill that establishes: (1) A physician assistant specializing in psychiatric mental health under this section 307 shall:308 (a) hold a valid license as a physician assistant under this chapter;309 (b) obtain and maintain a Certification of Added Qualification in psychiatry issued by310 the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants;311 (c) complete:312 (i) an accredited doctorate level academic program for physician assistants approved by313 the division in collaboration with the board; or314
  9. I don't think that's true. FL is the third state in this country by population, so if it passes in FL, other state organizations could point to FL. Also, some organizations are a lot more proactive than others. While North Dakota OTP is great, it's an extremely small state that probably only had an effect on a handful of PAs
  10. I've looked at some PMHNP programs that have no therapy in the curriculum at all. Also where is this clinical supervision of therapy occurring? I've rotated with PMHNP student on my psych rotation and there was definitely no clinical supervision of therapy there for us. Counselors have to get 2000+ hours of supervised practice after they graduate. It's just not possible to receive this kind of therapy supervision the way NP programs are structured. It's bad enough that one is supposed to learn about medication management over 500 hours of clinicals. As far as billing for therapy, it varies by
  11. Argh just let me take a couple nurse theory classes and give me that NP degree
  12. There are quite a few people that come up if you google PharmD, PA-C. I always notice that one of the editors of JAAPA is one of those individuals
  13. Just proves that their ratings are worthless
  14. This will be worse than the swine flu of 1918
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