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  1. I ask all the providers I see what their GPA was in med/pa/NP school... Don't you guys? tbh.... I think the pass rate of any medical training school should be 100%...we gotta save lives people get with it! /s
  2. I don't know why they did that... The confidentiality part was part of the presentation. Maybe to avoid premature reactions by others (physicians, other stakeholders etc) on a name that hasn't been decided yet? Also I would say AAPA funded the research with AAPA member funds so I guess they can do that... Oh a reminder... If you guys are AAPA members, watch the presentation. U get 2 class 1 CMEs and it's actually a great presentation. I see why it cost so much. Oh and to @scotshy I requested a refund from change.org
  3. DOH! It was a million bucks! J/K lol Naw not much. But keep it up dude! I love your posts here and in the huddle. One thing though... I wonder if you are allowed to even share the title outside of AAPA members. The presentation was alluding to the need to keep things confidential to non AAPA members... Might wanna ask AAPA.
  4. You are a PA-S, you ARE the future of this profession! Spread it among your classmates and every student, faculty etc you encounter. 10 years ago when I was a PA-S I was already on board for a title change and talked to my classmates, professors, preceptor and hell even family about it. (I actually was thinking Physician Associate or Medical Practitioner back then) This recent development has given me hope. Let's not lose steam. You keep up your fire and study hard!
  5. To that point, the leadership has drastically changed the past 5 years so I'm sticking around... If I were to go "back to school" it would be a DO bridge but I'm too old now so I'm here for another 15 to 20 then I'm out. I'll do what I can to promote the profession meanwhile.
  6. In tagalog it's "Iugnay ng Doktor" or "connected to a doctor" or "associated with a doctor" Still don't like it lol. I actually think the association with physicians is also holding us back from becoming independent. If our title is always associated with another title, it prevents us from "leaving the nest"
  7. The NPs will "steamroll over us" (haven't they already though? ) if we ONLY change our title and that's it... WE NEED TO PURSUE FPAR not only OTP. I wish we could do MCP and FPAR in one fell swoop... But I kind of see the plan to get the title change to perhaps improve our chances with FPAR. Arguably, legislators should have an easier time writing us in with NP laws if we were "Practitioners" vs "Assistants" or even "Associates." A lot of PAs here and in the huddle have posted about FPAR recently so I hope it catches on more. I think that's what we need to adopt. Maybe we can shuck OTP and go
  8. Our title is "Assistant" so we can't get legislation to give us independence... We need to change our title then go after independence. Some ppl in the huddle hanging onto "Associate" and some are still saying we don't need the title change at all and just push OTP... They still don't see why we need to detach from physicians or any other profession. To the OP... Sorry this is happening to you. I've thought about this scenario many times. One of my best friend's SP died a few years ago and she was unable to work until another SP picked her up and he was terrible to her. We ar
  9. I got no shame either in saying "I don't know but let me find out." been practicing only 10 years (mostly Primary care and HIV, did 2 years in GI, moonlit in UC for a year and 6 mos in PM&R) but in that ten years my yelp and Google scores are near 5 stars (some have complained about our billing dept and knocked me down to 4.8 ) press ganeys are high 90s and at my last primary care job at a hospital based IPA setting I was ranked 5 out of 66 ambulatory care providers (Docs and APPs... only APP in the top 20) so if it's detrimental to say "I don't know" or "let me check on that" it hasn't a
  10. Agreed! Give more if you can! Question... Tardive Dyskinesia changed names? J/K... What the heck is a TD?
  11. I have heard this only through the grapevine. I would like a source as well...
  12. I was offered a job at my local VA (I'm a disabled vet also) 2 years ago in the Neuro dept. Pay kinda sucked so I declined. Payscales at the VA heavily favor NPs but recently a pay equality policy was adopted by the VA to pay both PAs and NPs the same (it's still pretty low in my opinion) but I was told by their HR that "it is up to each VA facility to adopt the policy" but by 2021 (IIRC) all facilities should have it adopted. With the news of possible FPA for us at the VA, I might look into a job there again.
  13. https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2020/11/va-establishes-path-to-adopt-full-practice-authority-for-pas/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=aapa_post&utm_campaign=news_central I think it's still subject to state laws and regs but this is good news methinks.... Furthermore, they used an NP win to our advantage!
  14. 'bout damn time! We need to separate from NPs and stop being "lumped in" as you put it with them. When they started calling us APPs (WTH does advanced practice mean anyway?) it seemed to be a unifying term but only seemed to help one half of the APPs... The NPs. This has put PAs in a strategic disadvantage given their numbers and it only helped to serve the NP agenda. The NP/PA relationship (legislative speaking) is a parasitic relationship and now that the NPs have overtaken us in almost half of the country, they no longer need the relationship. They benefited, we suffered/continue to suffer.
  15. I agree. And there is "good news" if we can call it that regarding a disease that has killed 1MM lives but the CFR in America is much lower now at 2.7%, which is still very high but continues to drop, than the 6% we had in June despite reports of increased cases. The optimist in me is looking forward to a viable and effective vaccine, the pessimist is saying we all finna die and the realist in me is saying, it is really bad and we have/will have lost many people in the end, but this isn't the end of the human race... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  16. [emoji23] I guess so... But much better recovery (4-5x is much better than a half day faster with Tamiflu) and from a deadlier disease with longer sequelae. If my insurance covered it and I got COVID I would want it. I may still die though... [emoji17] Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  17. There was a f/u article on remdesivir where a UCSF doc was quoted stating this conclusion was inappropriate since the study's end point was mortality reduction when the largest study was supporting remdesivir reducing hospitalization and convalescent times not mortality reduction. So remdesivir may not reduce (or will not reduce) mortality but will reduce convalescent times... I tried to find the article... I'll edit and post it when I find it. Edit found it! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sfchronicle.com/health/amp/Study-says-popular-COVID-drug-remdesivir-is-not-15654316.php Here's a
  18. I always use my office/practice address... U can do it by logging onto breeze.ca.gov and change your profile or calling the PA Board directly. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  19. Happy PA week to you all! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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