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Frostburg State University 2019-2020 Cycle

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I was recently looking into the program and would love any insight if anyone has information! I'm definitely considering applying.

I applied:)

Did anyone who applied not receive anything from this school? 

37 minutes ago, paschoolapplicant21 said:

I applied back in May and got an email inviting me for an interview in a few weeks. Trying to find places where current students might offer insight....any current students lurking around?

Hey congrats! When in May did you apply? Also were you notified via email/call?

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12 hours ago, Malik144 said:

Just received my acceptance letter 6/27/19, the people there are truly amazing, the genuineness is so apparent 

Congratulations! I ended up getting waitlisted from the 6/26 interview. I agree with you 100%, I loved the faculty! Overall, I was very impressed with the program.

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On 7/31/2019 at 12:22 AM, elonsmusk said:

Got the phase II email. Is there a separate email for the interview invitation? 

Yep I received a phase II email and then subsequently received an interview offer email about a week after

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    • By AFred
      Hi Everyone, 
      I'm a PA student at Emory School of Medicine looking for an ObGyn Rotation in the Baltimore area.  Does anyone know of any preceptors who would be willing to take a student for 5 weeks?  Thanks!
    • By oolivia1
      I am currently looking for some PAs to shadow in Maryland or the DC area. I am flexible when it comes to times, and am okay with a bit of a drive, as I commute about an hour to school 5 days a week and 2 times a week in the summer. I am a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Psychology. I am CNA and BLS certified and have worked and as an MA in urgent care for about a year and a half. I am also the vice-president of my schools Pre-Physician Assistant Society. I would love to get to spend some more time shadowing PAs around the area in any specialty. Please feel free to comment, message me, or reach out if you have any advice about shadowing opportunities. Thanks!
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      Hi All!
      I am about to graduate from PA school this fall, and have begun looking into the licensing process. I plan to practice in the DC metro area (DC, MD, VA), and was wondering whether any folks living in/around DC have advice about licensing in the DC metro area? In particular, has anyone heard whether there is reciprocity between any of the states in the DC metro area? I'm planning to begin the licensing process for all three states, but to ultimately only submit my licensing application for the specific state in which I get a job. I'd really appreciate any insight you have about licensing/jobs in general in the DC Metro area!
    • By dsman7
      I have some books that could provide good use to a student either in their didactic or clinical year.
      Blueprints Series:
       Pediatric Medicine
       Emergency Medicine (2)
      Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics 5th Ed
      Obstetrics and Gynecology 5th Ed by Beckman, Ling, et all
      Essential Guide to Primary Care Procedures
      Physician Assistant - A Guide to Clinical Practices
      Color Atlas of Anatomy 
      Step up to Surgery
      Clinical Psychiatry 
      And a few others. All are in great shape, with the exception of a couple covers. 
      I'd be willing to sell these for an extremely reasonable price. Just message me and let me know. Located in Baltimore, MD. Thanks!
    • By ent_associates@verizon.net
      I work for a surgical specialists' office (Ear, Nose & Throat) in Maryland where we are always looking for truly fantastic Medical Assistants.  PA students are typically perfect for the job as they are looking toward a professional job and are typically very patient oriented.  Our office also trains Medical Students, so is always open to OJT!  We offer direct patient contact as well as the ability to discuss your thoughts about treatment with physicians which adds experience. We can even bring employees to shadow at our ambulatory surgical center for added experience. 
      For interested potential PA students: go to www.otoheadandneck.com and click on job opportunities.
      For others: what is the best way to advertize this type of opportunity to potential PA students?
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