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  1. Hi everyone! I just got accepted off of the waitlist! I am so excited to be part of the class of 2022 and can't wait to meet everyone. Is there a facebook group for students in the incoming class or a good way we can connect? If no, would anyone like to start some kind of group to get to know each other and even discuss potential places to live in Dayton near the school? Good luck to anyone else still on the waitlist and I hope you hear good news soon too!
  2. Congrats to everyone who has been invited for an interview and for those of you who were offered a seat! I am flying up 12/1 for the interview 12/2. I have a bit of time the day before the interview and don't know what there is to do in the area so if anyone wants to get together/prep etc. let me know. Good luck to you all!
  3. Hi everyone! I am flying into Tampa from DC tomorrow and will land around noon for the interview on Sunday and Monday. My flight is not until later Monday night so I am going to quote everyone who said they will be around for the interview to see if anyone wants to get together before or after the interviews. I would also be down to make a GroupMe for the Nov 3/4 interview group for those of you all that want! Best of luck everyone to everyone in your interviews at this program and any future potential programs!
  4. One of my top choice schools. Good luck to everyone! Verified 6/25.
  5. I am wondering if it is still worth it to take the GREs mid-July, while I am underprepared or just apply to schools that do not require them. Long story short there were issues with ETS getting medically related extended time for my GREs, and it took several months to get approved. Since then, I have studied a little and focused on all the aspects of CASPA. I signed up to take the GREs on July 11th. Now I am worried that by the time I take them, and the schools I want to apply to actually receive my scores it will be so late in the game that I will not be considered for many, as they are mostl
  6. I also was not sure about some of my course subjects, but I tried to choose the most accurate subject I could based off of what the class was. If the biochem course was a biochem course, then I would choose the subject as biochem. I am not sure about the pharmacoethics course. Example my math was MAT 151 for a calculus class, so I choose calc on the drop-down list. Chem 351 was orgo I, so I choose Organic Chem from the drop-down list. Here is what CASPA says, "If you're not sure which course subject to choose based on your course's title, default to the department the course is offered t
  7. First-time applicant applying this cycle, and I am looking for someone to review my personal statement. I do not want to provide the document on this post itself but if anyone with some experience writing or reviewing these would be willing to look over mine I would be happy to send it your way! Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the help! I certainly have my own sense more or less of where and where I would not feel comfortable applying but wanted actually to get bogged down in the details of the matter. I can say I would not apply to a withheld/withdrawn program, and I would need to have a good reason and knowledge of why a school was Accreditation-Probation before attending. My issue is if a school is Accreditation-Probation and loses its accreditation, or voluntarily gives it up, and you are packed up and ready to go, or halfway through your time at the program and in that case you are somewhat SOL for l
  9. I am trying to help some other students out and address some questions about the accreditation status of PA programs and wanted to try to summarize (and quote) some of Arc-PAs information about accreditation status. I guess my only confusion is about Accreditation-Withdrawn, Accreditation-Probation, and somewhat Accreditation-Withheld. I think a lot of my trouble lies within the ability for a school to choose to withdraw within 20 days. Does anyone have a good source that explains accreditation a bit more or things to look out for? Below is what I have typed up for accreditation. Please let me
  10. Why have you decided to change from a pre-dental to a pre-PA track?
  11. Of the options, you have given I would say finish school first. But, why not take a CNA course over summer if available. Then get a job work part time, on some weekends and breaks and start getting your hours. This also helps because it gives you an idea of whether or not you want to work in the field. If this option would work and not interfere with your schoolwork/grades go for it! (Once you graduate with great grades you will have experience which can help if you want to find a more fitting full-time job if you are not ready to apply yet.)
  12. @Diggy I assume I will be required to sit through it again, and I won't put up a fight I would just rather learn new material in the class. (I understand this is an important skill that everyone should know.) I feel bad as I am getting off topic about OP's original question. I am more curious if I have made the correct decisions to take the EMT course, (if I will learn a lot of new information etc.). Maybe I could PM you about this? Or anyone else that may be able to help? I appreciate all the feedback.
  13. @mmchick Thanks for the response. Continuing my 5th year of undergrad and taking courses at my university and decided to take the EMT course at my local CC. (I am in the DMV area.) I figured a 10 credit EMT course at my the CC, which is a very good CC, would be worth is as CASPA lists EMT courses as science credits if taken at accredited universities. Total so far is slightly under $1,500 not included books etc. I already have my CNA and work in urgent care. My starting pay was very nice, I was trained a lot on the job and really enjoy it. @Diggy Thanks for the feedback. I am also alread
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