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  1. Just got waitlisted for an interview! Hope to meet some of you during interview week!
  2. Got my denial just now, interviews should be coming out soon! Best of luck to everyone!
  3. You need to download it from drop box. It’s over 45 min.
  4. They opened their CASPA application on July 1st!
  5. Thanks for creating the new thread! I'm looking forward to hopefully hearing back in October!!!
  6. Hello everyone! I submitted my application and supplemental well over a month ago and haven't received word that my file is complete. Has everyone who has submitted received some sort of email?
  7. Hey, I ended up just paying the fee last cycle because I didn't hear anything back after 3 weeks!
  8. I was recently looking into the program and would love any insight if anyone has information! I'm definitely considering applying.
  9. Hey everyone! I didn't see a thread yet for University of Nevada, Reno, so I thought I would create one. Best of luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  10. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle. I recently learned about this program and am excited to apply and learn more!
  11. Hello everyone, I am looking for a shadowing opportunity in the Orlando area. I am willing to drive further out of the city (anywhere between Clermont and Melbourne) for an opportunity. I currently have experience working in a primary care practice, and worked in the Emergency Department for a few years, so I would love to learn more about other specialities. Looking forward to hearing back from someone. Thank you.
  12. Received denial email today. Applied August, received review email on 01/10/2019. Best of luck to everyone waiting and Congrats to everyone accepted!
  13. I'm happy to see they're finally in August! I got my confirmation email on the 29th, and am anxiously awaiting just "application under review" email just so I know my application wasn't skipped over!
  14. I don't believe anyone answered your question so I would let you know my experience! I submitted 08/28, verified 08/29 and received the email from PCOM with the supplemental fee link on 09/05! So you should be receiving the email soon ?
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