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  1. I was just accepted into my first choice program therefore, I gave up my seat for the DE Campus. I hope this gives someone else opportunity to attend this awesome school!
  2. I was also accepted off of the wait list this week!
  3. I paid my second deposit yesterday for the Christiana campus
  4. A very interesting thought and thank you for bringing this to my attention. This does seem unusual as it seems most programs offer a master's degree (MS or MMS) in PA studies. As for this affecting the future it may just vary depending on the job opportunity. Some employers may want a master's degree in general and some may want a master's degree specifically in PA studies. However, I would think that if you attend an accredited program and pass the PANCE then you should be okay. Also, if you think about the networking you will do in your clinical year then that could help when it comes to finding a job regardless of what your master's degree says.
  5. I was at the interview 2 weeks ago and they said they were changing things up this year. From what I understood, they are going to conduct all interviews and then send out offers for admission...possibly sometime in Nov. Sorry for the late reply.
  6. I sent in my supplemental application on Aug. 1st and AACC sent me an email on Aug. 9th saying they received it. So, for me it took a little over a week for the verification.
  7. Just received an email offering me an interview on 9/25! My email also mentioned the background check and drug testing prior to the interview...I haven't had to do this before an interview for any other school.
  8. I would put all of them, if they fit in the box! I had the same situation with chemistry courses so I just listed most of them until the box was full. If you're having trouble with the space, I'd put the ones you feel are most relevant/align most with what AACC requires. Lol that's too funny. I actually went to Walgreens for my headshot and took a picture of that photo with my phone.
  9. I received an acceptance call this morning!! I was at the July 25th interview. Congrats to those who have received a call . Good luck to everyone still waiting and think positive!
  10. I just received the supplemental earlier today (7/29). My application was confirmed on 5/30 so unfortunately I waited about 2 months. Hopefully yours will be coming any day now!
  11. Accepted to the Christiana campus!! I’m so excited! I interviewed yesterday as well
  12. I do! I'm staying at the Hampton Inn Center City. It's like 5 minutes from the campus.
  13. Did anyone send their transcript electronically to Towson?
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