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  1. Hi guys don’t loose hope! Today is the deadline for the 2 nd round deposit so tomorrow you might receive the email! Hope you hear good news soon!
  2. I'm so happy too, been accepted! Congrats to everyone got in!
  3. Me too! Now we have to wait till the beginning of October.
  4. Hello, Has anyone gotten the interview invite yet? Based on the previous cycle, last year at this time, the school already conducted some interviews and sent out the acceptance emails. The wait is so long ...
  5. It’s such a great news! Good luck with your interview!
  6. Did you receive an email that says your application moves to the next phase (phase II) for reviewing? If yes when did you get it? Thanks
  7. The website crashes sometime, but this one works for me https://simon.ccbcmd.edu
  8. I chose Spring2020 cuz I think it is the closest season to summer2020 then got the CCBC ID email 1 day after. I think it is not that important to choose the correct one because when I submitted Towson application, this question is repeated and it has the correct option for Summer2020. Now just waiting, exciting and worrying too lol ^^ Good luck to your application!
  9. Hello, I just received the under review and supplemental application emails today. According to the email, we should do Step 1 which is registering to the CCBC as a new student, but which term should we choose: Summer, Fall 2019, Spring, Winter 2020? If being accepted it will be Summer 2020 right? but there is not that option. Also we should send the transcript to Towson at 8000 York Rd, Towson, MD 21252 Admission office or electronically. Is that correct? Thanks!
  10. I took Casper in January. It has been a long time, hasn't it?. I will contact and ask them. Thank you!
  11. Hello, how do we know that the application has been completed? I applied Feb23rd, received an email that the application "received" 2 days later, and nothing after that. WIll we receive an email for a "complete" status?
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