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  1. So, interview waitlist can officially forget about this school?
  2. It seems like based on past threads that USJ is done interviewing for admission. So for all of us on the pre-interview waitlist, it looks like we should not expect much now.
  3. Do they send out rejections or do they just do silent rejection?
  4. Submitted in June... nothing other than the under review email
  5. Seems like they look for high GPA. GRE is not considered for admission
  6. @Zacarias Nope not yet. I'm on the interview waitlist and have been since June.
  7. I believe they interview until October based on last years thread.
  8. Has anyone been rejected? I feel like they just put everyone on the waitlist for an interview and didn't reject anyone.
  9. I was waitlisted for an interview on June 16th and have not heard anything Would literally make me so happy if I got an interview but at this point, I think it's safe to assume that its unlikely we'll come off of it.
  10. @Nrm1010 Can you post your stats and when you were verified?
  11. Did anyone who applied not receive anything from this school?
  12. Now I'm nervous to even go to this program if I get in.....
  13. They've already done two interview days, so I'm guessing probably around a third to half the class is probably full by now
  14. When did you find out you were waitlisted for an interview?
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