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  1. Would you guys happen to have the link for the facebook group?
  2. Interviewed on 09/20 and received an acceptance. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Has anyone who has gotten accepted from the 09/16 interview received the official email yet?
  4. Has anyone who interviewed on 09/17 gotten a call regarding acceptance yet?
  5. Got the acceptance call too! Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  6. Still waiting as well. Im hoping that they just went on a lunch break and that there are more calls to come.
  7. Do you remember what time they called you for your acceptance?
  8. Sounds good. Is there a way to start a group chat on here so that we can coordinate?
  9. Hello, I was just invited to an interview as well. Do meet ups typically occur at around 7pm the day before?
  10. Does anyone who interviewed mind sharing how the MMI was? Was it mostly just questions or were there activities and role playing involved?
  11. How long was it between the phase II email and the interview offer?
  12. Got the phase II email. Is there a separate email for the interview invitation?
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