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  1. No problem, happy to help. In my program and probably most, the first sem is fairly light all things considered, with anatomy being the big one. Mine was 6 credits, study it every single night/in cadaver lab 3-4 days a week dissecting and studying w/ classmates prepping for practicals and written exams. After 1st sem is complete, everything totally changes and you really get into it. Pharmacology and clinical medicine are the heavy hitters and there are 3 semesters of clin med and pharm each, at least in my program. Those 2 courses require a ton of time and dedication. Clin med is the material you will see on the PANCE, so super important to do well in that material. Pharm is just a totally new beast and requires getting used to, with learning different drugs/mechanisms/side effects/interactions/etc for every major area of medicine studied. Everything else is study a couple days before and you'll be fine like public health/clinical decision making classes/etc. I have to study a lot and study every night that's just the way my brain works. My main study materials consist of Anki decks. I used Quizlet all first sem and half of 2nd, but my classmate showed me anki and I can't believe I haven't been using it, it's really that good (I think). I have 6 classes this semester and we're going thru finals rn. 2 down, 4 to go. It's draining and honestly crazy and I have no life outside of studying/attending class/zoom meetings, but it's really a privilege to be in school and to get to learn the stuff that we do as future medical professionals. As far as how do we manage all the courses, pharm and clin med take precedence and majority of time and energy. Then everything else is just whatever time you have left 1-2 night before an exam. You might not get to certain stuff, that's just the fact of the matter bc learning so much in such a short time period. Grades don't matter. I mean they do, but as long as you maintain the program's GPA, pass tests, and get above a certain grade (C- in my program is passing), you'll be good. The PANCE is what really matters when it comes down to it. Time management is huge and if you don't have that skill then you will really struggle. But seems like you have that down so no need to worry about that in your case. Ok that was a lot and might not be totally coherent but I'm studying for finals rn. But feel free to message me if you have more questions!
  2. Here's my stats, take it however you want: Undergrad CGPA: 3.19 Major GPA (Exercise science): 3.65 or something post bacc GPA(3 prereq's): 4.0 2 withdraws + 3 D's on my transcript 299 GRE 3000 scribe hours at family practice For my prereq's, my grades varied from A's to C+'s. Just goes to show that grades aren't everything. Got accepted in my first application cycle, about to finish my 2nd sem, and doing great. Your grades are great, just bring up the GRE, get great LORs, and crush your interview!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm a current PA student at Milligan finishing up the 2nd semester! As a side note, for anyone that has been waitlisted in the first tier- I know the feeling! I was waitlisted in the first tier in last year's cycle, and here I am finishing up 2nd semester of didactic! Off the top of my head, at least 8 out of 26 students in my class were accepted off the waitlist! I'd be happy to answer questions that anyone has about the program, either in the forum or through a private message. But hang in there- this is the hardest part! You'll get through this!
  4. Gave up a seat in the upcoming class from the waitlist for someone else since I'm already enrolled in another PA program! Congrats to whomever gets it!
  5. @lexxi @kaylasue22 Thank you both! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in January!
  6. I just got the call this morning that I'm ACCEPTED to the class of 2022 from the 1st tier wait list! I interviewed September 25th! I'm beyond excited! If there are any guys out there looking for a roommate, please let me know asap!
  7. Got this response August 27th: Your application has been reviewed and scored. We will let you know if there are any changes to your application status. Hoping to get an interview or at least an update. Hope this helps you guys.
  8. Has anyone been accepted off the first tier waitlist this cycle? Any current students have any insight?
  9. Has anyone heard anything regarding the next interview sessions?
  10. I also received an interview invite for September 25th! All good!
  11. When did they open on CASPA? I checked back in June and didn't even see the school listed and thought that was due to probationary status.
  12. I ended up having to do the same thing, frustrating! Hopefully it doesn't affect our chance to interview.
  13. Did your "confirmation email" just say "Thank you for applying to the Campbell University physician assistant program" in the subject line? Got that email but haven't heard anything else.
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