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  1. @lexxi @kaylasue22 Thank you both! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in January!
  2. I just got the call this morning that I'm ACCEPTED to the class of 2022 from the 1st tier wait list! I interviewed September 25th! I'm beyond excited! If there are any guys out there looking for a roommate, please let me know asap!
  3. Got this response August 27th: Your application has been reviewed and scored. We will let you know if there are any changes to your application status. Hoping to get an interview or at least an update. Hope this helps you guys.
  4. Has anyone been accepted off the first tier waitlist this cycle? Any current students have any insight?
  5. Has anyone heard anything regarding the next interview sessions?
  6. I also received an interview invite for September 25th! All good!
  7. When did they open on CASPA? I checked back in June and didn't even see the school listed and thought that was due to probationary status.
  8. I ended up having to do the same thing, frustrating! Hopefully it doesn't affect our chance to interview.
  9. Did your "confirmation email" just say "Thank you for applying to the Campbell University physician assistant program" in the subject line? Got that email but haven't heard anything else.
  10. How long did it take for your CASPer scores to be delivered after you took the test?
  11. Received an offer to interview August 24th! I'd love to know how other interviews have gone!
  12. Haven't heard anything on my end either besides confirmation that my application is complete and being reviewed which was about 3 weeks ago.
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