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  1. Question for those who were waitlisted, did you guys have to accept the waitlist position online or did you just email Ashley Skelly that you would accept? If you just emailed, did you guys get a confirmation response?
  2. Apparently, according to last year they found out as early as the same day, but i believe September 13th is the 2nd interview group and i haven't seen or heard anything from the first. So things may have changed since last year!
  3. Received an interview for September 13th by email. Very excited to meet everyone! Applied around June 20th
  4. I wore a nice button shirt and adidas pants lool
  5. It's rolling and i don't think it's to late to apply. It will def be more competitve for you since they just did first round interviews but also cause its rolling i think you have a very good chance still! Also a lot of people turn down and decline interviews/acceptances so, that opens up more spots. I think you should apply!
  6. B.S: Biology Minor: Chem Overall GPA:3.5 Science GPA: Depending on the classes it ranges from a 3.1-3.3ish Healthcare Experience: 9000+ Hours Certified Nursing Assistant Leadership Experience 5000+ Resident Adviser Student Ambassador + Some other oddly specific College leadership things Teaching Experience 1500+ Tutor Biology, English and History to undeserved schools in the area Recommendations (had a pretty strong relationship with almost all) 1 Nurse Practitioner 1 Director 1 RN C.C 1 Academic adviser Shadowing: NP 80+ Working as a CNA, coordinating shadowing with transplant team, i worked around NP's and PA's but most specifically the NP. Shadowing: PA (outpatient clinic): 15+ hours, would have loved a recommendation from her but she was going through some family issues
  7. Hey guys I’ll post my stats in a bit, felt a little weird about it because they weren’t amazing (especially not amazing). But hoping it might help you guys see a picture of what they could be looking for (Im not really sure either tbh). Blessed and feel really lucky to have gotten an acceptance but also I’m a 2nd time applicant so it was definite trial and error. If anyone had any questions (not that I know a lot lol). Feel free to message me.
  8. Nope, I thought they said they make decisions late August and September but I know they pick 1 or 2 they really like some times.
  9. Just got my acceptance a few minutes ago! Good luck everyone! And congrats June 21st interview, you guys were all awesome i hope everyone gets the news they're looking for!
  10. For those who have already applied, interviewed or toured the school, can you give any insight on campus life/size. Also did they say anything about a cadaver lab or how they handle rotations as well or their curriculum style, any information would be very much appreciated!
  11. Just received my acceptance letter 6/27/19, the people there are truly amazing, the genuineness is so apparent
  12. I was verified 5-8-19 and i was surprised too!
  13. Thank you! and they called and left a message, then proceeded to send the email.
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