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  1. This kind of made my morning lol.
  2. I am curious if the idea of PA-->NP Bridge programs would cause a fear response in Physicians. Which in order to combat they would try to push PA-->MD/DO programs (Real ones, not LECOM). It doesn't take a genius to realize that if PA-->NP bridge programs are even remotely non-irritating to accomplish than people will just do it and Physicians won't come back from that hit.
  3. Hey future PA Family, Ill first preference this by saying i am by no means an expert or professional but im someone who is hard headed and made a lot of mistakes. Applied to 20 schools my first year and got 0 interviews and applied the following year and got 9 from 20 or 21 (hard to remember) and accepted into all and waitlisted at the one im currently attending. I'm on break after finals and wanted to extend a hand in anyway i can. So i would love to help with resumes and talk about mistakes i made and give all the advice i can. Feel free to DM me and ill do whatever i can. From essay advice, looking over resumes, helping making a list of schools or interview advice ect ect. I generally have people message me randomly about schools so i thought this might be a way to be more inclusive, good luck to all in the coming cycle, it's a long road of emotions getting into school and than even more so finishing but the road to medicine wasnt meant to be easy and if i can do i promise you that you can. (Trust me on this) Also im not shy of talking about my gpa, gre scores and or/work experience/finances ect ect!
  4. Do people just think PA’s stop working after they graduate...like you could honestly say you didn’t know about the average of 2500 hours to get into a program but...like you just stop counting...
  5. If you want to know the general theme of the book and not give the author any money, she does a synopsis. Be warned, the amount of "possible correlations" and vague charts presented is astonishing.
  6. Going off the tough love speech above. If you’re in a situation where you could do part time work, I would try to go down that route. Most pre-graduation PA’s these days know they’ll be waiting a few months to credential and license ect ect, so they take out loans to support living cost ect ect through their school loans. However, I know a few who have returned to their healthcare jobs (mostly CNA), to make a few extra bucks. There are so many sources for loans and competitive interest rates but If it’s mainly for your DEA license, I think you could end up saving yourself some future stress. Also depending on your fellowships, some will pay for your licensure.
  7. Also when you really think about it “Physician Associate”... Nurses associate with Physician all the time. I mean it would just turn into another debate and million dollar survey for next gen of PA’s, let’s give em something different to focus on.
  8. I would still agree that NP's/ Nurses don't really need our contribution. If you ignore the different models of training as well as the legality of calling a PA a Nurse of any kind. We're still left with 3+ million nurses, governed by their own board and already gaining autonomy without assistance from us. Not to mention the hostility that would probably be very noticeable from experienced PA's, probably doesn't excite them too much. The lack of medical school residencies as well as the continued number of PA program opening each year, show a 31% rise of PA's accompanied by the normal Physician Shortage. NP's however, have done what Medical schools should have done years ago, they have effectively made becoming a provider non-class restricted. Community colleges were created for that exact purpose, you don't have to be rich or know exactly what you want to do in order to educate yourself. Nurses have used it to beautifully and steadily increase their numbers. The rate of increase for NP's is estimated at 66% and they're at about 300k, with PA's at 140k and Physicians at 950k. Although PA numbers are increasing, it can't compete with NP's, and Physicians have been losing this battle for almost a decade at this point. We could essentially call this a war of nutrition, all NP's have to do is wait us all out. Healthcare is a business unfortunately and who would you hire, the experienced PA that needs an SP or an Experienced RN that needs no oversight at the same price. Hell Physicians are so scared that they are writing books that are the equivalent to untold resident caused horror stories, told in the form of NP'S and PA's. (Charming read..... linked below) https://www.amazon.com/Patients-Risk-Practitioner-Physician-Healthcare/dp/1627343164/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2251VV9GUMU7X&dchild=1&keywords=patients+at+risk&qid=1606251424&sprefix=Patients+a%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-2 AMA and the AANP are basically at war. The AAPA is young and smaller but also too effective to be considered neutral by either. Logistically speaking the only leg Physicians are standing on is that they improve patient care and are more experienced. Stats show that if anything the numbers dictate no change in care, but that PA/NP's are more favored by patients because they listen more. Physician's ( obviously not all) are too proud to admit it, but they're too expensive to train and haven't definitively proven they are essential to giving positive outcomes. The only people who would benefit from absorbing PA's are Physicians, adding to their numbers and increasing positive Physician trend statistics, effectively making the statistics, "who gives better care the Medical model or the Nursing model." I would imagine this is unlikely too since they still seem to barely tolerate DO's lol.
  9. Saying "Im butthurt" in my opinion doesn't seem to equate to any form of a message. However, l appreciate your right to have an opinion. Your argument in my opinion disassembles as it progresses. PA advocacy and love are essential for progression without question. However, because I am asking for more information on healthcare and patient care, I'm seen as having lack of respect for my profession? If you're invested in this profession, why discount data because you just don't like it or because it's not ideal. That's the definition of our professions issue with the AMA. This is a PA site but thus far I've just been criticized by PA's for asking where i can find more information, on PA's, NP's and APPs. I also at no point dismissed the concerns of PA's or NP's rapid accumulation and impact on our profession, I dismissed name calling and the notion I'm propagating particular data, rather than just asking for more information and real life perspective. Seems very AMA like to make assumptions about my intention and deem me a problem based on your perception, rather than aiding with resources and understanding.
  10. I appreciate the last 2 Paragraphs, the first two seemed unnecessary.
  11. I was hoping i could get some input from the PA community, not have to explain that NP's and PA's are different. I feel like as PA's we all know this. Like it or not, we need data from both sides, the training is different, the models are different, the work and effort may often times be different as well. However, because PA's and NP's are often lumped together, the data is out there in many types of variations. I'm not looking for a "whose better" conversation, I'm sure there's a forum somewhere else on here to debate that. Thank you in advance.
  12. Clarification: I said "PA's as well as NP's", i agree they shouldn't be lumped in but the statistics of APP as a whole are also very useful, especially if they trend positively, despite opinions on their care
  13. I've been trying to find some more information on outcome/healthcare statistics for PA's as well as NP's. I really want to get a full view of any "disparities" but I'm having a hard to finding data. The AMA statement release, followed by many subsequent forums by Physicians, was non-shockingly more opinion and emotion rather than fact. If anyone could point me in the right direction for any data i would really appreciate it. Side Note: I understand that there inst a disparity in care as far as what I've read. I'm not claiming there is one, however, i would like to have actual data in order to facilitate a fact based conversation with other providers and healthcare workers. Just having trouble finding data. I was truly shocked the AMA would take such a wide public stance on APP's without giving data to support it.
  14. Hey PA community, I have a full sleeve tattoo and thus far i have not had any negative experience when applying for jobs and or interviewing. However, i'm curious if anyone has had any negative feedback or have not received a job offer due to visible or non-visible tattoos?
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