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2019-2020 Application Cycle

Guest thePAway

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Guest thePAway
1 hour ago, Dhamz said:

Anyone received an application complete email from the school?

I just did today! It said that they’ll be sending out interview invites between early August and October

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Guest thePAway
1 hour ago, jgaona said:

Do you mind sharing when you were verified and when they emailed you about your application being reviewed? 

i think 5/30 verified and i got the email that all my application materials were received on 6/6 

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1 hour ago, hopefulpa9485 said:

I never received an email saying that my application is complete (and I know I sent everything in...). Should I email them? I always feel like I'm annoying them lol.

I received an email in June saying the following... 


Thank you for your application to the Physician Assistant Program at Marquette University.  I am writing to let you know that we have received all of your application materials.  

Below is a general timeline of our process.

  • We will be reviewing all applications between now and Sept. 1. 
  • Interview selections will be made early Aug through October.
  • Interview dates for selected candidates will occur late Aug through October.
  • Admission offers will be made from Sept. through January.

All applicants who meet our requirements will remain on our list for consideration until all interview dates have been filled.

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19 hours ago, BuckyBadger said:

Has anyone emailed back Lori with dates and times and not received a response?

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I emailed Lori back on the 20th and just received my confirmation a little bit ago, so your response should be coming soon! I will be there on Sept 17th! So excited!

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