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  1. Jeremiah is the only person who has contacted me regarding my acceptance and next steps!
  2. Thank you for sharing! Wow, that is a big change (and probably a big difference in cost as well). Surprising that they wouldn’t take another class. Good luck!
  3. I loved my interview experience at Marquette, but I’m not sure if the extra length is worthwhile versus other shorter programs. Anyone have some insight on why they are choosing Marquette? Resources you used to make your decision? Thanks
  4. Got a phone call that I was accepted off of the alternate list! Does anyone know if Midwestern has admitted student days?
  5. I have decided to take myself off of the waitlist due to other opportunities! Good luck everyone!
  6. Is anyone who’s been accepted planning on going to the admitted students day on February 22?
  7. I was in group 1 and received an email yesterday. But based on what they said, everyone will hopefully hear something by the end of the week!
  8. Just heard back via email from a recent interview and I am ACCEPTED! Good luck everyone!
  9. I applied in August and I still haven't heard anything beyond the "Application File Complete" email! Anyone else in the same boat? I know that they had a much later application deadline compared to the other schools I applied to, but I am surprised that I haven't heard anything further since August!
  10. Does anyone know if there is an accepted students page or anything yet? Hoping to connect with other accepted students soon
  11. I still have not heard anything. Keeping fingers crossed for us!
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