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  1. I was recently accepted off a waitlist to a program in my hometown and have decided to decline my seat at South. I hope this helps out someone waiting to hear back, and I wish you all the best of luck in the program!
  2. I was accepted off the waitlist last week too! Interviewed 10/21, and if there’s a fb page would someone be able to add me too?
  3. I was accepted back in October too and haven’t heard anything either. I asked Deborah who to contact about financial aid questions back in November and it took a couple months to get in contact with them so I wouldn’t stress too much about it if it’s not pressing! I’ve read from other forums in past years it’s typical to not hear from them until the summer!
  4. Overall gpa: 3.6 science: 3.45 gre: 315 PCE:~2800 shadowing: 150 with PAs
  5. I haven’t seen one yet but I think the current students make one for us when it’s closer to the summer!
  6. I was accepted at the 10/25 interview and paid my deposit this week!!
  7. If anyone is interviewing this Friday and want to meet up the night before I’ll be driving in from Columbus on the 3rd!
  8. Anyone get any interviews yet or heard anymore about when they might come out?
  9. Got an interview invite for 10/15 today!
  10. For those waiting I submitted late May and just got an interview invite for October 21 today so there’s still a chance!
  11. Got an interview invite today for either October 17 or 22! Submitted my supplemental 8/8!
  12. I have yet to hear too since being verified 5/30
  13. I got this back in June too and still waiting to hear anything else, hopefully there’s still a chance!
  14. Submitted 5/20, app complete from Marietta 5/22, app done with preliminary review and under committee review 6/19, invite 7/11
  15. I also submitted 5/20 with confirmation 5/30 and haven’t heard anything so I was gonna update my CASPA PCE/shadowing hours and just email them updates with the added question of could they tell me anything about the status of my app!
  16. Got an interview invite for Oct. 4 today!
  17. I submitted 5/20 and didn’t get confirmation until 6/10 so I think it just takes awhile!
  18. Anyone received an application complete email from the school?
  19. Has anyone received a confirmation email saying application complete or all materials received at all?
  20. I haven’t yet and I was verified 5/20
  21. They gave me this link https://status.uits.iu.edu/notice/48184 to a website that monitors the status of the repair and I’ve been checking it regularly but it still hasn’t been fixed so we just have to wait til they fix it is what I was told by both IT and IUPUIs admissions office
  22. Has anyone else had issues trying to send in their graduate application fee? My card isn’t going through and I called IT and they said it was a lender issue and IUPUIs graduate office said they couldn’t take payment over the phone
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