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  1. I’m assuming 4-6 people in a group... I’ve read in previous forum they interview around 100! Also confused if it’s a 2 on 1 or 1 on 1 because I emailed in August and they told me it was a 2 on 1?
  2. I just graduated in May! I think I’m pretty used to heavy course loads. I’m the kind of person to want to study in advance just because I want to and am motivated to.. I actually just got Netters coloring book which seems like it’ll be a great study guide for touching up on terms and recalling structures!
  3. Yes being a scribe so far has been extremely useful in aspect school might not be as detailed on.
  4. Anyone know approximately when we will hear more information about the interviews?
  5. Just got an interview invite but declining due to other acceptances! Good luck everyone !
  6. Got an invite but will be declining due to a different acceptance! Good luck to everyone!!
  7. Hello all! I am currently accepted into a school that starts in January but I hope to start in May with my top school choice! I have been a CNA but just started a position at a scribe with primary care and ED, where I think I’ll learn so much each day. I have heard to review a&p and also medical terminology before starting. I am really eager to learn in general and also try to gain knowledge to make the start of PA school “less daunting” in regards to a&p. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
  8. It was a really laid back interview!! They were all really nice and just want you to be comfortable!
  9. Anyone know when Marquette will send out interview invites?
  10. Super excited to say I got an interview invite as well!!!
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