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  1. I'll be staying at an air bnb a few miles away! See you friday!
  2. Based on last years forum, we wont hear until around Sept 11th but who knows
  3. Just got waitlisted too. At least it's not a no, but we will see!
  4. Me! They told me to wait till the end of August....so we will see
  5. Hi everyone! Just thought I would start a thread a little early. Does anyone know what date in November the portal opens in CASPA? Good luck to everyone
  6. Just got a rejection email. Good luck to all those interviewing and congrats to those that have gotten accepted!
  7. I haven't received further info from them since I confirmed last evening, so we will see! I'll let you know when i know
  8. Oh wow that's crazy it's the last one! See you there and hope it worked out with scheduling and stuff for your wedding!
  9. From last year's forum, it looked like people had to reschedule and it did not negatively affect them so you should be good!
  10. St scholastica does not interview and they are fairly new, so it may be a new program thing not to interview
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