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  1. Got an email today about applying for scholarships....is that a good sign?!?
  2. Got an interview last night! I was waitlisted last year, so grateful for this opportunity!
  3. Not yet! Super anxious! I think they emailed around the middle/end of october last year if I remember correctly.
  4. I applied at the end of May and mine says the same.
  5. Got waitlisted for an interview. From my discussions with the admissions team last year, it's pretty much a no. It's a great school and program, best of luck to everyone in the process
  6. Does anyone know if they are having any more interviews?
  7. Do you guys think it's bad if I don't update my hours through their link and just email them? I saw you have to put a supervisor down and my work doesn't (and can't) know that I'm applying to PA school.
  8. I got one last week! Applied in June and last name starts with a B.
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