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What kind of bachelor's degree did you have to get accepted into a PA program?

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Get the needed prereqs, with a good science GPA. This shows you can handle the rigors of graduate level medical science, which is really what adcoms care about.


The bachelor's degree you have does get quite useful, especially when it comes to the experience you can manage to get. Most of my experience was with psychoactive drugs and research design (ie. finding out exactly how quickly I can induce a seizure with a GABA antagonist, dose, intensity, and all that). While this does little in way of patient care, it did give an advantage in pharmacology and pathophysiology, which does contribute to my knowledge base as a future PA. Adcoms love a well-rounded class with different backgrounds and experience. They don't want a class filled with nothing but the same kinds of people. My class for example has former nurses, EMTs, surgical techs, athletic trainers, medics, ER techs, and people like me who test drugs on poor hapless lab mice in the name of science. Everyone is good at something, which benefits their classmates in some way or another.


You tell me that you're a Kinesiology major. What knowledge and skills do you have as someone in that degree that makes you a unique and valuable addition to their PA program?


As in the real world, what you've done with the degree is a lot more important than what it is.

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Got into PA school without a Bachelors, graduated Aug 22, 2013. Took my PANCE Sept 16. Started first job Sept 17. Sure glad I passed so I got to keep my job.


My point is this....if you prepare yourself in a manner of which the school is seeking, you don't need to sweat all the details. Read the website, make sure you meet that school's requirements, and move forward. Your degree should reflect your passion, not just be a check mark on a PA application

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