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  1. Hi all, I am hoping to pick your brains for some information and resources. My class is getting to the point where job searching is on the horizon. I realize that some of this post will have crossover with the contracts/negotiation section of the forum but this is a bit broader topic and I wanted some more eyes on it. 1. What are the best resources to use for job searching in your opinion? 2. I have read on this forum that many new grads take lower offers than they should which ends up hurting the growth of the profession overall and I don't want this to happen to my class. Wh
  2. So true, feeling like I am only at a crawl so far. I don't expect my EMT-B to have much cred, but at least it's better than no HCE! Sounds like I'll need a few notches on my belt before I expand my horizons. Thanks for the advice, everyone.
  3. Great suggestions, thank you. I will definitly check out the State Department, that sounds interesting!
  4. Let me preface by saying that graduation is a ways off, still in didactic year but I have nothing keeping me anywhere, no longer married, no children. A big part of me wants to travel and do something remote...or work somewhere that very few people have the opportunity to experience when I graduate. I know Emed mentioned opportunities in Anarctica at some point and I would be very interested in something like that! My questions are, what opportunities are there that you know of? Would they take new grads? Should I just focus on getting ANY job after school to get a little experienc
  5. Is this a growing trend across the country or just localized within a few states? http://www.natlawreview.com/article/physician-reminder-site-supervision-physician-assistants-no-longer-required
  6. Bubo101

    NHSC 2014

    My program has already started, if I was awarded would they retropay for the time I had already been in school? I logged in the "2 year window" starting in May during the application process.
  7. Everything you listed looks good. Just make sure you have at least 500 hours of your work hours logged, and shadow a couple PAs for a combined 40 hours or so...try to get 50th percentile or above on the sections of the GRE. The biggest thing though is to make sure you have all of your prereqs done, check MWU's website for a list of those prereqs. I think you can have a couple that haven't been completed when applying to CASPA but need to be completed shortly after. If you are just barely starting on prereqs just know that it typically takes about 2 years to complete them. Goodluck!
  8. This topic interests me as well. I will be attending school in the Southwest and am crossing my fingers to be able to move up to the Northwest (Oregon/Washington) soon after graduation. Do employers expect you to have the state license already before applying or do they tend to give a grace period to get the paperwork in order?...assuming the applicant has passed the PANCE of course.
  9. So is FP the best field you can start in to learn or would something like IM or critical care be better? What would be the absolute best setting to learn? On the flip side if you decide that you want to go into a specialty later would it be looked down upon to have been so long since those clinical rotations with no exposure in-between?
  10. Thanks for the comments. I do see the merit of continuing education with residencies and proving a well-deserved skill set with a CAQ, I just hope that in the future employers won't limit their hiring to only those that have these qualifications but would just pay more for those that do. If and when the PA profession moves to doctoral degrees and requires residency/or CAQ won't the line be blurred between Physician and "mid-level"? That is adding a significant amount of time to the duration of PA education to the point that it would make the PA route much less desirable for those (like m
  11. This seems to me an advantage to learn from different settings like you both have been privileged to do. If SPs aren't willing to teach and those of us entering the profession aren't able to hop around as easily as you did how are we supposed to learn how to be efficient and competent PAs? I don't want to have to do a CAQ for every specialty I try out as I attempt to find my place within the profession because from what I've seen, most practicing PAs have practiced in multiple settings before settling down and that has really been a hallmark of the PA profession.
  12. Yes, this echoes what I have read before but shouldn't we be actively trying to fight this?! I feel like the moment that we accept that's where we are headed then it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and will happen no matter what. I probably have an idealized sense of what PA should be because I am not one yet but I am pretty passionate keeping the lateral mobility in the profession. It seems that the PAs that are content with CAQ are the ones that have been in the profession a while, have moved around, and are comfortable where they are and what to be recognized for those skills
  13. I am growing concerned because the more that I read this forum and look elsewhere it seems that PAs are losing their flexibility in switching specialties and to be honest that is one of the biggest things that drew me to this profession. For those of you who are out there working as PAs do your see that happening and what are your thoughts about it? From my standpoint flexibility is the ONE advantage (besides arguably better training) over NPs and I would hate to see it go if employers start to hire only CAQ certified PAs or states pass laws to require these things. Also... This
  14. Thanks for the comments. My wife is a fairly new teacher (they don't get paid anything close to what they deserve) and I know we will be strapped as far as bills go but I think we will be able to get by. Since I don't have a house to rent out :), I will probably just see how it is once I am in school and go from there. Thanks again!
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