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  1. Someone PM'd me with questions about QBanks... I know I'm flirting with hijacking this thread... sorry. I just feel like this may be valuable input for more than one person.... Kaplan: Very good overall. Hard questions (why would you practice something that's EASIER than the real thing... I, for one, don't want a falsely inflated sense of my performance! Rosh Review: Good overall. Visual diagrams are very memorable. Follow up question in every explanation. Questions are re-hashed with minor tweaks, which sucks. Also very inexpensive. PAEasy: Visually appealing website... The actual
  2. Someone PM'd me with some questions... figured this may help other folks too... Here are some video resources: Another PANCE video review course that I've heard is really good is Emory University's... I have not personally seen any of the material, but one of their main lecturers gave a couple of excellent lectures at AAPA last year... extremely memorable. Here are some free YouTube channels with awesome videos: Strong Medicine: Stanford School of Medicine faculty & hospitalist... absolutely superb videos that are very clinically oriented... though topics are limited. Certainly
  3. I can't really speak to the differences between Step 2 & Step 3... Step two is extremely close to the PANCE in disease Dx, & Rx... Step 3 is the board exam MDs take after med school and before/early in their residency... I understand it is very similar with perhaps more emphasis on disease management... I would personally rely more on Step 2 materials as Step 3 may assume proficiencies that are critical on the PANCE/PANRE. OnlineMedEd is geared for the Med student in their clinical rotations (studying for Step 2) with an entire section for Interns (studying for Step 3)... I've rec
  4. OnlineMedEd is probably my favorite single resource for concise yet comprehensive review... They have something like 230 videos that range from 8-25 minutes... ALL their videos are completely free... if you want to fork out some money, they do have a subscription service that is a complete study program... and downloadable MP3 audio from the videos. Its typically $500/year.... but they just rolled out a new website and have a January only discount 6 months for $150 (link: https://onlinemeded.org/share/je1Y)... might be worth paying for if you *need* MP3... otherwise the videos are probably eno
  5. Pardon the double post... I would add: If you had to do just one thing with MedEdOnline, I would watch every "intern" video twice... and maybe a third time while you sleep juuuuuust for good measure. They are seriously *THAT* good!
  6. This is a slight deviation from your question and perhaps unsolicited advice... but here goes: OnlineMedEd.org is a medical education website geared towards USMLE Step 2, clerkships/wards, and Intern year residents. They have a comprehensive video series of short lectures ranging from 8 to 30 minutes that are organized by organ system and disease plus a whole series for "interns" as well as sections for surgery, psych, and pediatrics. They had a membership available for for purchase... but make no mistake, the videos are completely free! There are a total of ~235 videos at a total of about
  7. Hi Ktcan10! ;-) Here are a few things that I'm looking for in my first gig: -- Have they hired new grads in the past? If so, do they have a structured training/mentor protocol? This is #1 for me!! -- How long before you're expected to be up to speed? And how do they define "up to speed"? -- Specifics about pay and productivity structure? -- Is this 1099 job or employee? Benefits? Realizing that if you're a 1099/contractor there are a bunch of extra considerations of which I'm not too knowledgable... just realize that the pay is much higher, but so is your costs associated (insurance, t
  8. Thank you! I'm getting an error that "this use cannot receive messages." Maybe if you PM me first? Sorry for the hassle!
  9. @andersenpa - I have a locale specific question for you... Can I PM you?
  10. Thanks again everyone! One more question... for now. -- CT Surge sounds like a dream except for the whole work/life balance thing. I absolutely love working hard - pedal to the metal until the works done. However, my kids are getting to the age that I'd rather not work tons of hours... I've missed enough being in the military. Is there such thing as CT surgery gig that is <50hr / week? I absolutely love the idea complex surgery with major room to grow and complex medicine/SICU management.
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone! Several mentioned IR, which I hadn't really considered... Do PAs get pretty good autonomy and scope? With my background in anesthesia, I've had a few people suggest IR but I've written it off thinking that it lacked the general medicine aspect that I at least think I want... But my presumptions are largely conjecture... I really don't know what an IR PA does... I will look into it - anyone want to share a brief "day in the life"?? EMEDPA, do you happen to know of any EDs with full scope that are comuteable from Wenatchee/central WA? Or possibly Seattle, t
  12. I have a dream job... I just don't know what it is yet... What PA gig combines cerebral/IM type medicine with lots of procedures? Here's the best I can come up with: rural-ED, level 2 trauma-surgery, or cardiac surgery... my one caveat is that I do want some level of work/life balance... I was an anesthesia tech in the Navy w/ 5000+ IVs, 400+ intubations (nasal, fiber optic, peds, bougie, etc...), and a litany of other procedures... and I absolutely love doing procedures.... And uber complex medical workups and management make me giddy... Observations from my rotations: general su
  13. Thanks for your perspective.... The question remains... should I go for fun & interesting i.e. EM/trauma, Peds Heme/Onc, IM/CC or do I shoot for filling in my weaknesses, i.e. some combination of GYN/Derm/Ortho.. Or is there some other rotation that would prepare me well for EM? Thanks!!!
  14. I need to select two elective rotations & I am waffling between two extremes. Because I am uncertain about my career direction - I am having trouble picking elective rotations. General Career Values: I know that I want to work in a field that is procedure heavy (but NOT surgery), brainy, challenging w/ variety. I also speak Spanish & care deeply for the immigrant community in my hometown & would love to work for our local community health center - I love the idea of working primary care with people I connect with… My wife, however, is convinced that I would do well with routin
  15. Checking the forum for the first time in months... Seattle class 48 here... Just wanted to poke my head in and say hello! These threads were a serious lifeline this time last year... I'm surprised how quiet they are this year. Good luck and don't be afraid to collaborate and ask questions here!!! The night before our interview, myself and 3 others from this site got together for coffee... 3 of us are now classmates and friends (the 4th got in @ penn state)... I share this because that spirit of collaboration is something that (I believe) helped us stand out and will undoubtably be
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