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  1. phenomenal starting offer overall imo.
  2. Come join our total joints team at DMC/Harper Hospital in downtown Detroit. Primarily hip and knee arthroplasties with a very well-respected, busy surgeon and his team of two dedicated PAs. First-assist opportunities also with other total joints surgeons, and with orthopedic sports surgeons, a couple of whom cover Detroit professional sports teams. Job also features inpatient floor coverage/postop/periop medical management component. Overall a mix of 50/50 OR time to floor time. Prior internal medicine experience would be great, but emphasis for this position is someone with surgical experience accustomed to that atmosphere, or new grads who'd love to dive into ortho and get surgical experience. Great team overall. Likely four 10-hour shifts weekly; Overnight pager 3-4x monthly. Job is posted at dmc.org Web site with generic description. Feel free to PM any additional questions you might have about this position, and/or send a resumé.
  3. S. California at that rate ... I feel compelled to ask you how long have you lived in California or what you know or don't know about how working in cali. I've never lived there and I know what my minimum would be if I did.
  4. I remain a touch underpaid, not by much, but enough that my resume's going out if there's no minimum 3% raise come anniversary time. I'm 50/50 OR/inpatient and the place I work already has a hard time with retention.
  5. fwiw I was one of the last in my class to take a job - turned down 4 prior offers - because I refused to settle for something less. The first job I got, I never expected, as the hirer-in-charge was adamantly opposed to new grads until they interviewed me. Don't limit yourself to only applying to new grad jobs.
  6. What about an urgent care job? You'll get paid better with about the same crappy workload.
  7. in combo with having to pay some malpractice for yourself, that salary is awful imo.
  8. all answers should start in low six figures, based on what psych NPs are getting.
  9. great offer. maybe ask for 7K for relocation? re: insurance, even if you have to pay 300-400/month for premium, the offer overall seems good. what is 401k offering?
  10. I do four 10s and love it. Some days are more like 11 or so, and some are more like 8.5 or so - it avgs out in the end to about 40 and it's perfect for me.
  11. At that salary, they are getting you at a major bargain. Yah mule, yah! And run away from that offer.
  12. "Especially in high COL states like Mass." I personally don't understand why so many New Yorkers accept such shitty pay around NYC. If they didn't, the pay would go up. I've had a couple of classmates state they never look at their paychecks, know idea what an RVU is let alone what are their RVUs at their work, etc. That drives me crazy.
  13. 50/50 OR to inpatient rounding time, about $47/hour here as new/inexperienced PA in midwest. no more than 40 hours/avg per week.
  14. as a new grad I had 5 offers and only one was in the 80s. imo no new grads today should accept anything less than low 90s for full-time hours in any specialty. And especially in a high COL state like Mass. As a new grad, be wary of any contract/offer that isn't specific on the key points, too.
  15. That's too low of pay for the volume of patients you'll likely see. No less than 50-55/hour imho. Especially if they only give you 2 weeks PTO or less, cuz any time off you want beyond that is lost money. I said no to an 86K offer without blinking, another UC offer would be $50/hour with no benefits, no PTO; and 3rd UC would've been over 100K with 1.5x pay on holidays but crappy benefits. with insurance 'included' do you know what your monthly premium is?
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