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  1. I really don’t do much of my own notes, we have two scribes with us at all times. I obviously review and edit as needed but the only time I’m doing my own notes is on my own clinic days in which I’m seeing a lot less but that is pretty rare.
  2. Coming up on my first year review at my current position in a busy ortho shoulder/elbow/sportsmed practice in AZ. Been in ortho 2.5 years. Currently we seen around 55-65 patient in clinic in which I see about 95-98% the doc will just pop in and say hi most times. I have my own clinic when he is away currently. Typically have around 6-12 cases per week, I do all the rounding. No real call, just rounding on patients left over on the weekend 3-4 times per year. 3 weeks PTO, sick time, 401k and $2k CME. Currently at 90k per year. What should be resonable with my amount of experience for a raise at this time? Would 8-10% be in the range? He is the highest volume doc in the entire practice and I've talked to some of the other PAs and they don't see near as many patients. Thanks.
  3. I just had to recert my BLS. Did the hybrid option, all the class and testing online and then the in person skills at a learning center which is required apparently. Only took about 20-30 mins in person.
  4. I’ve been in orthopedic surgery/sports medicine for about three years now. I love orthopedics but to be honest I’m just over the surgical part of it and dealing with not so nice surgeons, especially the one I have been working with for the past year. Ideally would like to transition to a non-operative orthopedic/sports medicine position but haven’t seen many at all of those. So I’m possibly looking to transition to a different specialty. Would like to hear from other previous orthos about their transition to a different speciality . Thanks!
  5. Some days yes and others no. I probably wouldn't have gone into medicine but other days I love it. After seeing what my surgeon has to deal with on a day to day basis with his schedule during and outside of work, sports coverage etc there is no way I have ever wanted to go to medical school. I highly value my time outside and away from any of my work. He has no life outside of the clinic and OR. I never wanted that no matter the pay. Am I going to do this forever? Likely not, at least not work in surgery.
  6. To be fair this isn’t an every week occurrence. I’m seeing patients and doing a lot in the OR but certainly that behavior/attitude towards me irritates me. It’s more of he’s just not enjoyable to be working for and I think he’s just miserable with his own life right now and that translates over.
  7. I have been out of school for 2.5 years now and working in ortho/sports med the entire time. My first job I was at for around 1.5 years. Learned a lot and enjoyed the people I worked with but it was a newer practice and not terribly busy plus there was some very sketchy things going on I didn’t agree with. The one doc I worked with left soon after me secondary to the same problems. I took my second job and have been here 7 months in ortho/sports med at a much larger and busier practice. I’m his first PA and to be honest I’m miserable. The doc is a nice guy but I dread surgical days and he’s really made me dislike surgery, to the point where I don’t want to work in surgical ortho anymore. Clinic days are ok with him but overall it just doesn’t feel right. At times he’s had me work on his PowerPoints, call hospitals for his deliquent op reports etc. My concern is leaving so soon and having it look bad when I’m applying to new places.
  8. I live in AZ and have heard the radio ads several times.
  9. Agree above. I also found the Arthrex App to be very helpful as well.
  10. I'm in the same boat, just refinanced my loans about to start paying them back. My best advice would be to look for a per diem job. I'm about to pick up one at a local urgent care $75 an hour 2-3 shifts a month. That will cover my loan payment plus a little extra left over hopefully.Good luck!
  11. t2091

    Lost Documents

    I should of learned the first time but just fax everything over and then call right after to make sure it went through. Seems like that worked for me the best.
  12. t2091

    Lost Documents

    Has anyone had problems with the TMB losing documents. My school sent form D and L just over four weeks ago, all my other documents etc are in but they said they never received these two forms. I'm starting to get worried I wont even be able to get a temp license since the next meeting is July 15th. I'm resending the forms tomorrow.
  13. Thank you for the replies. I'm waiting on a second contract to be sent over. The half of base salary would only be until I get my official TX and credentials, which I'm fully aware does take some time in TX. It does specifically state in the contract once that happens I go straight into the salary. They gave me the option to wait to start at my full salary until my license came through or start at the half rate to start learning etc. I have mixed feelings about this but this is really my dream job so I'm torn right now.
  14. So I got some more clarification about the contract. 14 days PTO, CME days are included. On the third year I get another week off. Full medical, dental, vision (they pay 50% of medical, blue cross), 401k safe harbor 1000 hours, 18k match, he is willing to add 10% bonus to my production minus expenses, no overtime, they have an occurrence policy which they said I won't need tail coverage. Also they would bring me on while waiting for my license and basically pay me half of the base contract until my license goes through to get learning the practice etc.
  15. I recently interviewed at a sports med office just north of Dallas. The doctor who owns the practice is expanding, two more surgeons are coming on the end of July and he's looking for two more PA's to be with the new docs. He flew me out, paid for everything. Really enjoyed the practice, the area and sports medicine is exactly what I want. He has been in the area for six years, seems like a lot of room to grow. I finish school in two weeks. Is this fairly reasonable for a new grad not from the state? -85k with 2k for relocation, 5 days a week out of two offices ten minutes away from each other, split clinic and OR days, one year contract -No call, no rounding -401k "safe harbor" -Full benefits, I'm asking them to send over more details of the benefits -14 days vacation plus major holidays -Malpractice, getting more details on this -2k for CME -Yearly licensing fees, AAPA membership
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