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  1. I know that posting specifics of the programs involved may not be possible right now. However, could you share any "warning signs" you can think of looking back at the application and interview process for the provisional program that you could share? This is in hope that upcoming Pre-PA students might avoid a similar situation. Good luck at the new program!
  2. The house bill passed. Does anyone know the status of the senate bill or does it go to the governor from here?
  3. It would be quite a move, but I don't think anyone would hold it against you. I'd check with the program you are transferring to because they will probably want all your transcripts. Most programs, via CASPA, ask for all prior transcripts and not providing them may be considered falsification of an application. I also wonder if transferring is worth it. Unless you feel like you're not getting a proper education or there is some other significant circumstance, changing programs and the associated costs/debt will affect you down the road. That investment may not be worth it when you will graduate with the same qualifications and PA-C. I know that the potential future income of a PA is used as an excuse for just taking out more loans, but it's still money that you owe to someone and had to be paid back.
  4. I'm about 3.5 years into being a PA and I still have days where I feel like Im not up to the task. It's definitely gotten much better over the years, but it's still there. The point is that this is very common. I am a huge fan of talk therapy. Counseling is about learning how to deal with feelings in a productive way. I see it as brain training. I can't tell you how much it has helped me with issues like anxiety. PA school isn't exactly a stress free environment, so I'd take the opportunity now to start working on yourself. It will be a great help as you move forward into school and your future career.
  5. Yes #YourPACan The jobs pop up every now and then. https://www.news-line.com/featureone.lasso?-Search=Action&-token.profession=PA&-token.target=featureone&-Table=webinfo&-MaxRecords=50&-SkipRecords=0&-Database=press*&-KeyValue=209
  6. I'm a huge fan of education and gaining knowledge, but I caution you on overdoing it. If you have a job lined up that wants certain things, great. However, spending a bunch money on certs, just to get certs may not be the best way forward. When I started in EM, I was sent to the Advanced Bootcamp before starting and they did a fair amount of training in the first year. One of the challenges I had was that I learned a ton at the bootcamp, but I did not have they ability to apply it actively. I felt that had I had some experience under my belt, I would have been able to assimilate the information much better. I still learned a ton and it definitely helped, don't get me wrong. The point here is that other than the required tickets, BLS/ACLS/PALS and a bootcamp course, I think you're going to hit a deminishing return pretty quickly with the additional classes. I feel you on the residency challenge. My program also graduated just late enough to make many of them difficult if not impossible to make happen. However, there are some that start in the fall and I did interview at two (Albany and Hopkins). Life took me elsewhere and didn't get into either, but I was geographically constrained and those where the two I could make work. In the end, it has worked out well. Would a residency helped with my procedural skills, yes. However, had I ended up in the same region, it wouldn't have changed my day-to-day much. That being said, I'm still a huge fan of EM residencies in general. Just my two cents... I appreciate your enthusiasm, and have been exactly where you are right now. I wish you all the best!
  7. Having sat on both sides of the interview table, I understand your frustration. Interviews can be very subjective and tough to ace. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot set up yourself for success in the future! I echo what was said above, frame answers around experiences and examples. Give them a why to every answer. Furthermore, these stories are an opportunity to highlight things that you couldn’t put into your essay or resume. Think of a few things you really want to show the interviewers and weave them into your answers as appropriate. Another area which I have seen that sinks applicants is maturity. This is a tough one to pin down because it shows itself in a multitude of small ways. General poise is a quickly noticable trait. It’s okay to be nervous, but be proud of who you are and how far you’ve gotten (it’s a PA school interview - a very selective place to be!). Often, answers are too superficial or do not demonstrate the depth of experience needed to be a confident PA. Alternatively, the interviewee doesn’t handle being unsure well. It’s okay not to know an answer, it’s part of being a PA and take it as another opportunity to demonstrate why you would make a great PA. Just say, “that’s a great question,” subconscious flattery won’t hurt you, then say, “let me think about that for a moment.” Then take a few seconds to formulate an answer, maybe pulling in one of the stories you had on the back burner. Good news is that time is on your side and in my experience, one additional year often makes maturity much less a factor. Finally, research the type of interview you should expect. This website is a great resource. Every school is different and will be looking for different traits in their students. Tweak your prep to play up the strengths that you think that program will find most interesting and mentally prepare yourself for any unique steps in their process. However, keep in mind that an interview is a two way street, so if you find that the program doesn’t fit you, don’t fake it or force it. That will just set you up for failure in the future. Keep focused on the goal. It’s worth the time and effort to get there! All the best!
  8. Sounds like a great EM job. Consider going to one of the national conferences, boot camps, etc. It really helped me out when I began and kept me out of trouble. Have fun!
  9. It feels like branding survey, not a title change survey. I’m hoping there will be a follow up of some sort. Thinking positively, for the amount of money we are paying, we should be getting more than some information on what title we like best from the company. I’d happily take over a million dollars to put together a google survey and provide a spreadsheet with which one is more popular. For that money, we deserve a lot more. I think what we are seeing is the beginning of a thorough dive into what a PA in 2019 is and how we should define our role into the future, including what our title should be and why we should change it. We have to remember, that should we move forward, we will have to convince many a politician and ultimately the general public that this is a good idea. We can argue the semantics all day long around here, but we will need a plan with some data and arguments to make it happen.
  10. Still in committee. It will go before it earliest next week. Here's the link to the bill which has all the info, plus the status. https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2019/00821
  11. The Florida bill moved forward into the Health and Human Services Committee. Last stop before it goes to the chamber. Rep Pigman has been a PA ally for many years. It helps he's one of the co-chairs of the HHS Committee.
  12. I know FAPA is working on having this CME available free to members very soon. Unfortunately, don’t know anywhere that offers these for free. www.fapaonline.org
  13. Unfortunately, there is no set date. Calls go out when there is an open spot as a result of an accepted student deciding to go elsewhere. Waiting is rough, but remember the goal is to become a PA. So unless there is a critical reason for holding out for UF, I'd go with the sure path. Once you're in, it's only a matter of time and effort before you become a PA. All the best!
  14. Hi there Checko, I tried to send you a message but the system said that you can't receive them. I would be interested in chatting with you about UF if you wouldn't mind, but don't know how else to make contact/ask a question that isn't publicly accessible. 

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