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  1. Rotations were included as CPT. OPT started when I was actually employed as a practicing PA and that was good for 12 months, plus another 6 months while my H1B was being processed.
  2. That's the problem, it takes years to get in somewhere and not everyone is able to wait that long when you have family responsibilities. I've heard several FMG's ending up in the PA route, we just need to know the schools which may consider admitting FMG's better than others. I know some schools are strict about that and do not accept any FMG's.
  3. It's possible, but difficult to find an organization willing to spend legal fees to sponsor you for an H1B, I work in Detroit which is a border city, I got a job on my F1 at the hospital I rotated at, and I was able to convince them to sponsor me. Of course they are more experienced with sponsorships since they hire lots of Canadians as Detroit is a border city. So you might have better luck with border cities. However I'm not sure about elsewhere.
  4. 1. PA does NOT fall under the STEM extension, I already checked with my school 2. Yes, you do need a CPT for each rotation if it's at a different location each time 3. The H1B is a very complicated process, if you work for a for-profit organization you will need to enroll in the lottery, and that's based purely on luck. I was lucky enough to be chosen and current hold an H1B, sponsored through my hospital. 4. Yes you can work in Canada with a US PA degree
  5. Hi. I'm posting this question on behalf of a close friend of mine. He's a foreign medical graduate who holds an MD degree and is a current permanent resident of the US. Due to some family circumstances and low chances for residency matching for foreign grads, he's now looking to applying to PA programs, however he's been having a difficult time looking for school who would welcome international graduates into their programs. He already has his degree evaluated through the ECE organization and his GPA was converted to 3.1. He has clinical hours inside the US from working as a medical assistant and a medical interpreter. He would have to retake most of pre-requisites as his classes were more than 7 years old. He's also working on getting his TOFEL test and working on registering for pre-reqs at a local community college. Is there anyone here with a similar background or if you know anyone with a similar background, he would like some advice on applications or in regards to which schools would be more accepting of foreign medical grads that he might have better chances with. Thanks :)
  6. I'm not sure what tou mean by on-campus employment? I'm a Canadian student attending the program under the F-1 status. During the didactic year I didn't need any additional paperwork even though I did go to different hospitals 12 times during the year to do H&P's. But nothing additional was required. For the clinical year I had to do the CPT for each new rotation (if it's at a different location), and that wasn't considered an employement. As long as the total duration isn't more than 364 days then you're good to apply for an OPT. My university had an international students department that took care of this stuff.
  7. Take this time to enjoy what's left of your freedom. It doesn't matter how much you pre-study, you'll never be ready for what's coming. You'll be fine, trust me. But if you insist, then an A&P review would be helpful if it's been a while since you took it.
  8. Should I just contact the hospitals in the area and ask them if they would sponsor PA's under H1B?
  9. I'm a Canadian PA student graduating in May. I did apply for the OPT extension, but unsure on where to look for an employer who's willing to sponsor me under the H1B visa. I'm finding this to be really stressful. I wish PA's were covered under the TN status.
  10. Most schools I looked into appyling didn't mind online courses. I took medical terminology, nutrition, developmental psych online because I was working full-time. It was more convenient and still learned the material well
  11. Honestly just relax and go on a nice trip. Nothing will prepare u enough for PA school!
  12. There's Exam Master, I had free access to it through my school's library, but I found some questions in it were very advanced and not very helpful.
  13. I agree that you should just enjoy your time now. I went on a trip overseas before starting the program. I was planning on reviewing anatomy since I last took it 6 years ago in undergrad but that didn't happen and I still Aced anatomy in PA school. I don't think you can ever be prepared for any class in PA school, so don't feel guilty. If you really want to start now you may review some anatomy and pathophys. There's a great book called clinical pathophysiology made ridiculously simple that I believe can be a good start to prepare for pathophys.
  14. My scores were much worse than yours and I still got in. If you have a good GPA and good Letters of recommendation and good HCE's then the GRE is the last thing I'd worry about....
  15. I'm a former MLS/MT and ran into a similar problem. I applied to two programs, one of them accepted lab hours as health care experience and one didn't. My job however required me to do phlebotomy during the morning shift so I was able to get those hours to count, and I got into the program that didn't count my lab hours :)
  16. I honestly don't think the amount of healthcare experience matters that much, not everyone with lots of experience knows everything. People are good at certain areas. I'm a former MT so I was good at hematology and ID, others in my class were good at ER stuff, or ortho, or imaging... And people with the least amount of experience probably did the best on exams...
  17. Yes it's extremely difficult if you don't have PAID health care experience. Your GPA is good, you just need to have solid hours to build a strong application
  18. that's true, there are different versions of the exam. The first thing I would study first and know really well though is all the GI objectives. This is the heaviest category, know it reallyyyy well.
  19. Well, I took it in May and that was my very first rotation. Basically, it's not all surgery.. I'm not really sure how I passed it, I must've been really good at guessing. Good luck! And I only had time to study surgical recall (about half of it) since my hours were crazy.
  20. I was in your shoes a year ago. I totally understand how difficult and overwhelming it seems in the first month. Believe me I cried on my first week and thought I'll never survive all this, but I did, and here I am only 7.5 months left till I graduate. Beginnings are always tough, but don't worry you will develop a system and you'll eventually get more comfortable and figure out how to handle everything. Anatomy really makes a semester tough and it's a lot of memorization. My advice is to make flashcards and keep looking at them over and over and over, better yet with a study partner/s quizzing each other. Know mnemonics, they also help! Stick with the objectives for each class. Once you survive the first semester, you can survive the rest :)
  21. I did HORRIBLE on the GRE. Barely made the minimum requirement for my school, and my GPA is 4.0 in the didactic year (almost done with it)... so no, it doesn't correlate probably
  22. I prefer paper and pen, when I write things they stick better. But lately our program stopped printing stuff for us to save on paper, and I don't have a printer at home and I don't want to pay to print on campus so I'm slowly switching to typing things up. So far it hasn't made a difference for me.
  23. There isn't one class that going to prepare u very well. My undergrad is in clinical lab science and so I took a TON of physiology/pathophysiology/microbiology/hematology...etc and I still didn't feel prepared. I'd say def take pathyphysiology, and an advanced human anatomy class. Pharmacology would be beneficial too.
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