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2013-14 Cycle Interviews!!

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Has anyone else received an interview invite for Touro for Oct 1? I was so excited receiving the email that I didn't realize that the first email didn't contain an interview date. But they followed it up really fast with one. Really looking forward to this and would love to hear from people who got one too!

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Hi applicants, 

This is what my response timeline looked like last year prior to my acceptance if you want to get a feel for how long the wait might be before you hear back.

October 30, 2012- CASPA submitted and completed
December 20, 2012- Invited to submit Supplemental Application via email
January 11, 2013- Submitted Supplemental Application via email
January 14, 2013- Received email stating "Application Complete" and under committee review
March 28, 2013- Received invitation to interview via email
April 16, 2013- Interview
April 26, 2013, waiting to hear if accepted

May 5, 2013 Got acceptance letter in the mail (thick white letter envelope)

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Congratulations to those of you with interviews, and good luck to those still waiting to hear! Just a little tip for interviews here: The PA program director has mentioned multiple times that she wishes more interviewees would wear colors! She hates looking out into a sea of blue and black. Also, don't forget that this is a dual program, and you are being interviewed by both. Make sure you have an understanding of what public health is and why you want to pursue it. We're in our first semester of the program and both the PA and MPH sides of it are a lot of work, so be sure you're up for the challenge! It's very rewarding already and I am a big proponent of getting both degrees. But like I said, have your reasons for why you want to pursue both fields ready! :) 

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