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  1. Wutthechris, what do you mean exactly that the repayment terms are generally not as forgiving as federal loans?
  2. I'm from New Jersey and I recieved the scholarship email as well
  3. I would say you're accepted!! I had missed her phone call, and received the same voicemail to call her back. I think it's nicer that she wants to tell you personally that you've been accepted rather than just leave a message. Try to relax the rest of the weekend, and call back on Monday morning
  4. My application was considered complete on 10/24 and I received an interview invitation via email on Friday, 12/6. The email says that interviews are conducted on Tuesdays only. My scheduled interview date is for January 7th. I decided not to attend the interview and will be withdrawing my app. Goodluck everyone!
  5. The admissions counselor from previous years that setup the facebook group is no longer at Nova. I wonder if Kandee will be setting up the group, or if we should just start one. My boyfriend lives at Coventry Park and the apartments are very nice! The club house is pretty nice too - there's a computer room, a study room, a game room, a theater, basketball court, and gym. Let me know if you have any questions about the apartment complex.
  6. I interviewed on the 19th and got the call today! So excited!!
  7. Does anyone know anything about the new program director?
  8. I applied to the Miami Shores campus, but received an interview invite to St. Croix earlier this week. Will be declining the interview so hopefully someone else hears soon!
  9. Does anyone know how many spots have been filled and how many applicants they typically interview each year?
  10. How did you get the ID to log into My Madison? The FAQs on the website says that it is provided by the graduate school. Is that only after receiving an interview?
  11. The email said "If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you with more information anytime between now and January 2014." Seems like they should still be offering interviews.
  12. I accepted a seat in a PA program and am in the process of completing the financial aid part. I submitted everything for FAFSA and all I have to do is accept the financial aid award package. Does anyone know what that means? Does FAFSA submit the money to the program right away or closer to the start date of the program? I need to complete the financial aid process in order to keep my seat, but I am worried what will happen if I decide to attend a different program. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Would FAFSA be able to switch my program designation after I already signed for one? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Did they mention anything about how many seats have been filled and how many more interviews they will be holding?
  14. For the rotation sites that spread from Tallahassee to southern Georgia - are these options for students with family there? Or does everyone end up going there because there aren't enough sites in Jacksonville?
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