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  1. I am also looking to live with a couple people! I think it would be fun to have a group living together!!! and on the island would be ideal :) I just got accepted! Has anyone found anywhere to live? Let me know if you are looking!! I'd love to chat ideas! :)
  2. Can anyone tell me a little bit about the structure of the interview? I think I read somewhere on this forum that there is a group and individual interview as well as a research paper (or something like that?) :) I appreciate the help!!
  3. To those that have been accepted... Mind sharing some of your stats? Just to have an idea what they look for!
  4. Has anyone submitted a supplemental app and been declined (without completing an interview), yet? Just wondering if they send out decline letters AFTER the interview process this spring or as they look over applications. Congrats to the January interviewees!
  5. I received the email that my supplemental application was complete on November 1st. I would definitely take that as a good thing, Willow!
  6. Did they contact you through email or letter? @ambsklind, did you complete an interview?
  7. I asked her about the time they start to extend interviews (like a month or couple weeks ahead of the date) and she said at least 4 weeks ahead because she knows a lot of students come in from out of state! So, to answer your questions... I'm not sure if they have started?
  8. I just called Naisha, she said the next interview date will be in January! No interviews in December due to the holidays!
  9. I have a friend in the program, and she heard the class has been filled and interviews are completed. She asked if I had applied for the class starting Fall 2014, and when I told her yes, she was confused why I hadn't heard back yet. I tried to contact St. Kate's admission today to see why I hadn't received a denial letter or anything yet, but I was unable to reach anyone. I know this is frustrating news! But maybe someone else could try contacting them to see what's going on? I will call again later today!
  10. Congrats to all accepted!! Anyone know if they are conducting interviews for December?
  11. @sam0917, what did you do for HCE? And if you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA? Just trying to get a feel for the students they accept/waitlist! Thanks! :)
  12. Those sound like good stats to me. Congrats! You sound like a great candidate. Good luck on your interviews, thanks for sharing!
  13. what are your stats? I am filling out my supplemental... and just want to have an idea if I'm even competitive before paying the $50.00. Congrats to all that got an interview!
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