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  1. Hi Lisa, Diana, Martha! I think the 2016 class is in finals mode right now, perhaps that explains the Facebook shortage, but I know Megan McCaleb is the admin. It probably took me a two week period or so to get added. Martha, I hear Benicia is a great place to live, I think I will stay there when I go up to check out housing. I am looking into housing on mare island. Diana, it did take a lot of persistence to get a confirmation, I remember getting a confirmation about 2 days after the two week deadline or so, aka I was nervous. As long as you are communicating either email or telephone with the school, Steven Davis was the contact I emailed, you should be fine.
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Yelena I'm also in the class of 2017,congratulations so excited to meet everyone! I'll be coming from Socal area as well. For everyone paying their fees now, I also had the same issue when I was accepted, but Steven Davis resolved it, just follow up with emails. also get on immunization asap, I needed boosters for varicella and you need two sets of titers, takes about 2 months. Does anyone know when/where they are moving to the bay area? What are everyones summer plans prior to starting? If you haven't yet join the FB page for the class. :) https://m.facebook.com/groups/511167268997833?ref=bookmark
  3. Jennifer, my replies to you arent going through email me please i have an update for you. yelena.gimelberg@gmail.com
  4. I also got my letter this week, I'm accepted! Congrats JenniferD12 on your acceptance and Sam0917 I was in your same position last year, you still have a chance keep sending them updates on classes letters of rec and interest! I think we were all Iin the same group :)
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