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  1. Anyone else take their PANCE this week? Most of UTSW students took theirs this week.
  2. #‎PAstudents‬- do you have a story to share about your plans after graduation from PA school? If so, we want to hear about it! My Plans After Graduation: The flexibility of the PA profession allows us all to practice medicine in various specialties, subspecialties, primary care, population health, public policy, internationally, and beyond. Do you have any extraordinary plans after PA school? Planning to work or volunteer abroad? Working for the Peace Corps? Applying for postgraduate fellowships, residencies, or other post-graduate training? First Rounds - PA Professional's student news sect
  3. Pre-PA students! The 2016-2017 CASPA cycle is just around the corner. Have you figured out where you are applying yet? Have you attended your schools health professions fair? If your school doesn't have one, you'll be glad to know that PAEA is hosting two physician assistant virtual fairs with CareerEco! You'll be able to meet school representatives from PA programs at colleges and universities across the United States! Best of all - it's FREE! http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/physician-assistant-virtual-fair.html
  4. You improved your score on the PANCE, PACKRAT, or the EOR exams?
  5. We currently have 3 submissions for the February issue, looking for 1-2 more from current PA students. If you are looking to expand your resume and promote your PA program, please consider submitting an article for this issue of First Rounds. Remember, I just need an e-mail stating interest by December 30th, 2015 to get the process started! E-mail me at paul.gonzales@utsouthwestern.edu if you are interested in submitting an article.
  6. We have 2 submissions so far for the February issue of first rounds. Looking for about 2-3 more. E-mail me at paul.gonzales@utsouthwestern.edu if you are interested in submitting an article about your PA Program selection process. I just need an e-mail stating interest by December 30th, 2015 to get the process started!
  7. I know this is finals time for many PA students, but if you are a PA program director, faculty, or PA student, please encourage students to submit articles for this issue! Remember, first drafts are not due until December 30th, but an email stating interest is all we need for now to get the process going! Thanks!
  8. dchampigny, I wish I could offer you the position, but I don't make the rules. Unfortunately, this is a requirement by PA Professional in order to pass the torch off from assistant editor to senior editor, as this is a technically a 2-year commitment. The first year, you are learning the editorial process with the help of your senior editor. The second year, you take over as senior editor and train a new assistant editor to replace yourself when you leave. I hope that this doesn't discourage you from submitting articles to First Rounds. We definitely could use great writers such as yourself to
  9. Have an incredible PA program worth mentioning? What were your top factors influencing your decision? Tell PA Professional about the process in narrowing the difficult search for your PA program. First Rounds-PA Professional's student news section-is looking for stories about your journey to selecting the best PA program fit. We ask that articles be no longer than 400 words and written in a conversational manner. For more information or to submit a proposal or article, contact First Rounds Editor Paul Gonzales at paul.gonzales@utsouthwestern.edu by December 30, 2015.
  10. PA Professional magazine is seeking a PA student to serve as assistant editor of First Rounds (FR), the magazine’s student section. Published quarterly, the section features articles written exclusively by PA students. The assistant editor will become FR editor when his/her predecessor graduates. The First Rounds assistant editor will: - Collaborate with PA Professional and FR editors to develop plans for each issue of FR - Promote student involvement and respond to inquiries and article submissions - Work with PA student writers to revise submissions - Assemble the final selection of art
  11. Do you have a story about something you can't live without in PA school? Want your article to be published in First Rounds, PA Professional's student news section??? In less than 600 words - write about the "One Thing You Can't Live Without in PA School" to an audience of PA/pre-PA students. Personally captured photos from your experience are encouraged! To submit an article, proposal, or for more information please contact First Rounds editor Jessica Treiber at jessica.treiber@my.mcphs.edu by October 4th to start the process.
  12. 86 entries and 7 days left to enter! If you don't win or need your essay revised sooner, use the coupon code: DoseOfPA upon checkout. http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/02/caspa-personal-narrative-tips.html
  13. Only 12 days left to register for a FREE My PA Resource personal narrative revision - a service offered by licensed physician assistants. 54 people have already registered to win! Register here. http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/02/caspa-personal-narrative-tips.html Or use discount code: DoseOfPA
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