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  1. I'm number 6! Yeah, they pulled the entire waitlist last year.
  2. That's great--congratulations! I received a continued consideration email today. I'm really hoping this is a step towards being put on the waitlist.
  3. I received my continued consideration email last week and a follow up email from admissions this week saying that there's only one more interview planned for this cycle which is January 11th. I was offered a spot on the interview waitlist---crossing my fingers that someone cancels last minute!
  4. From what I understand they do not send out notifications. You can, however, email Naisha for updates on the status of your application.
  5. Congratulations! When did you submit your supplemental application?
  6. When did you submit your supplemental app? Mine was officially complete mid-September... I emailed Naisha last week concerning the status of my application. She said the committee is still currently reviewing it.... I suppose that is a good thing at this point?
  7. Thanks for the update! Did she say if they've started extending invitations for the January interviews yet?
  8. Hey nebaker, I submitted my supplemental application mid-September. I emailed Natasha earlier this week and she said they're currently reviewing my application. I can only assume they're also reviewing yours since we submitted our supplemental around the same time. You have great stats. Have you heard back for an interview invite yet?
  9. I know there's an interview session on Tuesday, November 19th (Good luck to those invited!!). Has anyone received an interview invite for a date in December or January?
  10. It might be too early to email Natasha for an update. I've been through plenty of forums and it seems the average turn around time is roughly two months.
  11. I suppose all we can really do is cross our fingers! Do you know if they send out rejection letters? I've read several forums on TUC but no one ever mentioned receiving a rejection letter...
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