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I did it, you can too!

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First thanks to everyone on this site for advice and expertise. When I graduated with my BA in communications I had a 2.31 GPA. A few years later I wanted to become a PA but thought I never stood a chance to get in. Last April I put all my cards on the table and put my heart and soul to giving it my all and at least make an attempt at my dream. I applied late during the 2011 cycle after completing my prerequisite to 8 schools and received 1 interview but was not selected. This year I applied early to 2 schools and I've been accepted! If I can do it from a 2.31 GPA you can too!


Here are my stats:

BA - 2.31 (122 units)

MBA - 3.69 (45 units)

Post Bach - 4.0 (44 units all science prerequisites)

cGPA - 2.93

sGPA - 3.83 (D in Geology & C in Biology in 1999)




Phlebotomy (2011)

EMT-B (2012)

12 Lead EKG Tech (2012)

CPR / SCUBA instructor (2009)

ACLS / PALS / NRP (2012)



Healthcare Experience

ER Tech - 400 at time of application (1200 currently)

Primary / Secondary Care instructor (BLS) 3 years part time


Non Healthcare Experience

8 years Business Management

2 years customer service

2 years business consultant



700 over 14 years

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Congratulations! I've seen you contribute immensely on this forum in the past few months and it has always been with competent, optimistic and respectful feedback. I'm sincerely happy for you, man. I too am in a somewhat similar boat: 2.845 Caspa GPA, ~600 hrs ER Tech, ~400 hrs EMT, 4.0 pre req GPA (12 credits)..however, not planning on applying till next cycle but your acceptance is extremely uplifting nonetheless.


Your success story may indeed be the most underdog-est story here - congratulations again and good luck in PA school!

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Thanks again guys. Just overwealmed with emotion for the first time in 1.5 years. I seriously was beginning to doubt myself and was looking at contingencies had I not gotten in. When ever I started doubting myself I'd watch the PA coach on YouTube or the Giavani Ruffin video (sometimes Rocky movies not going to lie), I'd look at my wife and daughter and think back at where I was. Then I pictured my future as a PA and it would bring it all back. For those who are still trying to get in, I have the highest faith and confidence in you. You guys are rock stars... You just need to believe it and believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything you set your minds to. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way and always consider your options. If you want it bad enough you'll do whatever is nessisary to make it happen.


Heres a link to the videos I'd watch:


Giavanni Ruffin


PA Coach (Series)

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It wasn't really a post Bach program just science classes at two schools. If you're in Southern California I highly recommend going to SCUHS in Whittier. It's a Chiropractic school that is WASC accredited. The teachers are great and a lot of them also teach at UCLA.


In my opinion it's not about where you go to take the class.. Just be smart about who you take it with and set yourself up for success. You're going to get the same material presented to you regardless so a little homework on who youre going to be learning from goes a long way. Remember, there is no GPA conversion calculator between someone who went to an ivy league schools and got a 2.5 versus a state college that got a 4.0. GPA is GPA in the end in my opinion.

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Talk to students who have taken that class before. CSUF academic counselers can actually pull it up on their computers along with the upcoming schedule. You can also get a vibe in the beginning of class of their teaching style (ie tenured professor who doesn't care and prides on failing people versus teacher who really cares about the subject matter and is an expert in their field). The classic example is the first class I ever took at my undergrad the teacher told our class of 120 students "how many of you have taken this class before?" 2/3rds of the class raised their hands. "How many of you are taking this class because you failed it the first time?" 1/2 of the class kept their hands up. "How many of you retaking this class had me as your professor last time you took this class?" and everyone kept their hands up. Long story short you get the picture.

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Get a myedu.com account and look up the grade distribution for the class and the professors specifically. Those grades matched up exactly with ones the department head for physics at my school had for classes. I usually didn't have enough flexibility in my schedule to pick the professors that gave the better grades, but at least I knew what to expect when I went in. Also look at ratemyprofessors.com and see what students say about them and their classes.

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