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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, Lately, my husband and I have been considering the whole issue of raising a family and also being a PA. I feel very strongly about staying home with children until they start school. Is this possible as a PA? I understand that a maternity leave is normal. My bigger question is, if you quit being a PA to be home with children for 6 or 8 years, will you be able to find work when returning? Will employers hire someone who has been out of it for that amount of time? I greatly appreciate any insight. Thank you so much! :)
  2. So I live in Tucson Arizona and my fiancé and I just bought a house from his father. I originally was going to be a Clinical Psychologist but the median salary to PhD/PsyD debt ratio is atrocious. I was speaking with a former mentor and internship director now friend who told me that I would be better suited to being a Physician Assistant and that therapy doesn’t seem to have professional fulfillment (based on my experience as a group cbt facilitator.) He is totally right, I believe that therapy is an immensely helpful tool in treating behavioral health conditions, I just don’t think I should
  3. I am curious if there are any students that are in PA school currently who are married with children? Any advice, encouragement, etc? I apologize if there is already a thread on this topic. I could not find one. Wife has been extremely supportive through this whole journey.
  4. I need some advice in choosing a school. I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into two different programs. Let me start by saying that I am a non-traditional student. Where I go my husband and two kids will have to go too. The school I think may be better educationwise is not necessarily the one I think will be the best move for my family. School A: 1A. Has cadaver lab 2A. Has simulation lab 3A. Been around since 1992 4A. 99% 5 year first time PANCE pass rate 5A. 27 months-12 months didactic-15months clinicals 6A. Area with higher cost of living
  5. Doctors Work Together on Plane to Help Passenger in DistressMaria Schamis Turner March 20, 2017Jeffrey Aycock, DMD, was on a plane in conversation with a fellow passenger when he heard a ruckus a few rows behind him. He didn't know what was happening, but the former paratrooper, who served as a dentist in Afghanistan, said that his first instinct was to see what he could do to help. Dr Jeffrey Aycock The commotion turned out to be a frightened woman calling for a doctor because her husband, 74-year-old retired Air Force Colonel Thomas McCay, appeared to be losing consciousness. The cry
  6. I'm a 42 y/o woman with two kids, ages 10 and 6, currently doing pre-req's for PA School. I can only do one at a time as I also have to work full-time and it will take a few more years. It's a grind, but I've been wanting to do this for years and am happy to finally be on the path. I have been in private practice doing manual therapy for the last 18 years, and very much want to shift to a career in medicine. I have a very supportive partner, however her job makes it impossible to handle the before and after school hours, and I wind up with very little time to study. Despite that I'm pulling A'
  7. Hello! Well, I've been in search of advice and experience and am finding a little here and there on this subject but was hoping to get a little bit deeper and hopefully provide an easy search for someone in the future. A little bit of quick information from me; I am starting PA school in June of 2013 and have a young family (my wife and I have 3 kids - 5, almost 3, and about 8 months old). This was my second application cycle and I was accepted to several schools after not even getting an interview my first go around. What my hope for this thread is that people would post their ex
  8. Hey all, I'm pre-PA at UW-Madison, and am one of those people how gets so much peace of mind knowing exactly what I want to do in the future. I've been trying to find the perfect specialty for myself according to some criteria and I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to which specialty would suit me best: -interesting field, with lots of variety, and intellectually challenging -good hours (maybe 8-5, somewhere around that general area, not a crazy amount of call, etc.) -very good salary+benefits -hands on but also requires just as much thinking and decision
  9. I really want to be a physician assistant and am currently going to school for it. I do not have kids now but would like to have kids when I'm 27-30. Family has always been an important aspect of my life. Would I have time to be in my children's lives as a PA? Would part-time still give me time with family as well as money to be sitting comfortably? (like 100k or close to a year).
  10. Hi everyone, I've been reading through the boards for a few days now and haven't heard much about family life as a PA in the military. I was hoping to hear some opinions on how life was in terms of family while working as a PA, I'm leaning towards Army but an very open to AF and Navy so I'm interested in hearing the differences in branches. Thanks everyone, -Shawn
  11. First thanks to everyone on this site for advice and expertise. When I graduated with my BA in communications I had a 2.31 GPA. A few years later I wanted to become a PA but thought I never stood a chance to get in. Last April I put all my cards on the table and put my heart and soul to giving it my all and at least make an attempt at my dream. I applied late during the 2011 cycle after completing my prerequisite to 8 schools and received 1 interview but was not selected. This year I applied early to 2 schools and I've been accepted! If I can do it from a 2.31 GPA you can too! Here are my
  12. I got an email, and now a letter, telling me that I have been accepted into the class of 2015 and will start the program this spring . My question is...what now? For those who have been accepted how are you preparing for the program? By this I mean: -Financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships? I was lucky enough to finance my undergrad education with scholarships and I am concerned and clueless about taking out student loans for the first time.) - Housing (I think I will most likely be at the Morehead Campus) -Study tools (what are you going to use to take notes, laptop, ipad, tablet PC
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