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  1. Looking for advice. I was working at a Level 1 ER Trauma; this was an awesome job, with a great team and mentorship. Although volume has declined our acuity has certainly increased. I was abruptly permanently redeployed to a vaccine clinic "due to low volume numbers" and have been reassured multiple times that it has nothing to do with my performance as a PA. I keep asking for a formal letter that outlines the reasoning behind my abrupt redeployment from my original position of hire, but HR continues to refuse. I love emergency medicine and want to continue an ER career, but am concerned
  2. Comprehensive Advanced Life Support for Rural ER, with a trauma module. It’s regarded as the same thing as ATLS for most rural ER’s where I live in the upper Midwest. (Atleast that’s what I’ve been told by the places I’ve applied to). CALS Has an excellent reputation and well regarded by many of the ER providers in my area.
  3. I can totally appreciate that 18 months is preferred over 12 (and I get that there’s still more to learn after 18 months)..With that said then, is it worth it to consider a 12 month residency? Thanks! Also, how competitive is it to apply to ER PA fellowships? I.e. is all hope lost for those of us who are not 3.7+ GPA students? Do they really prefer new grads over PAs who have worked for a while? (As I’ve seen mentioned in other posts).
  4. Hi! I’m a new grad in my mid-30’s with prior ER experience. I’m interested in *SOMEDAY working in more rural ER’s and live in an area where there are still many solo PA’s running small ER’s. I have no interest in jumping straight into a solo practice and definitely want 3-5+ years of experience prior to working in more remote areas. I am considering applying for a fellowship (and then working in a high volume ER) and wondering if others have found this helpful in terms of gaining more skills that eventually help them be better providers in rural more solo practice type settings, vs. just
  5. Hi, I’m a new grad and very interested in working in the ER. I have my ACLS and BLS and have noticed that some companies require only those. I have a few colleagues who got ER positions right away with only those certs, but I was wondering if it might be helpful to get as many certs as possible (NRP, PALS, CALS/ATLS) prior to getting a job vs waiting for a job that may help pay for these. The current total cost for NRP + PALS + CALS is over $2000. I definitely want to take these courses and willing to pay for them on my own if they may help in getting that first job. Are there are certs that a
  6. I am an older second career new PA grad from rural NE MN (but with prior ER experience) interested in eventually working in rural ER’s, which would also mean solo ER practice. Do you have any insight into the value of doing a fellowship/residency vs. starting a job in a more high volume location if the end goal is to work more rural positions? Thank you!
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