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  1. The more positive responses the better! I've spoken to certain schools and some don't consider it as heavily weighted direct care as others. Im always confused with this appellation process between what counts as this and what counts as that. Just knowing that the work experienced I've gained is the least bit useful is good enough I think. THANKS A BUNCH GUYS!!
  2. Thanks a lot guys, if you both don't mind me asking though, how did you add up so many hours?! I've been doing this position part time for about 3 or 4 years now and I've only racked up 2000 hours. I wish i was a few thousand more up! lol, I'm guessing obviously working full time while in undergrad?
  3. Thanks guys!!!!! Good to hear that what I've been doing CAN be put to good use! Im planning on applying for the 2013 cycle which is approaching soon, I'm getting excited and even more stressed about my background and credentials. My grades are not near competitive, but I'm hoping for the best, and applying to every school I can. Knowing that I have a good amount of usable HCE is definitely going to help me take some of this weight off my shoulders. Thanks again everyone!!
  4. Hey Guys! I was just curious since I have all of my healthcare experience as a physical therapy aide (somewhere around 2000 hours) how many of you that have been accepted have been accepted with the same HCE as me? Im only asking because I know that pt aide experience counts well as direct patient care, but my head is getting jumbled by so many people telling me I should become a CNA, or an EMT, to get noticed by schools. I just don't see why I should stop working, thus losing hours of HCE as an aide to become one of the above, and it wouldn't really matter any way. Any answers, and opinions would be awesome! Thanks Everyone!
  5. Well thank you for giving some MUCH needed hope and motivation to push forward!!
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