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Found 115 results

  1. The last poll in Jan 2017 had 215 responses. Time for round 2. Votes are anonymous. Select your GROSS (before taxes and other deductions) income which includes your base pay plus bonuses. Again, this is as informal as it gets. We all know years in practice and location play a huge impact on these numbers. ***EDIT: I edited the poll in order to add more options at the top end. As of writing this, there were 3 people who selected " >$180k" which is now the option "$180k-190k"
  2. I’m a PA with 11+ years of Ortho experience working in south Florida. I always had the impression that I’d be making 150k by the time I was 10 years out and find myself only making 120k at 11 years out ($123,600 at 12 years if I get my 3% raise in October). My question to Ortho PA’s with 10+ years of experience practicing in south Florida is: what do you make? What are your hours? Do you work for a private practice or a hospital? I’m wondering if working for a private practice is the way to make better money... FYI- I work for a hospital physician group where all PA’s and surgeons are employees of the hospital. I work 40-45 hours each week with no call or weekends. Benefits include 22 days off for vaca/sick/CME in addition to 7 holidays; 403-b with matching up to a certain number; percentage of health insurance covered; short term disability; licensure and NCCPA dues covered. My autonomy is limited. All the patients I see are during my doc’s office hours and are billed under the doctor’s credentials (my doc and I see around 6k patients per year). I am not able to see what my collections for surgery are. I keep specifying south Florida because we have a lot of PA schools and we have a high transplant rate (People want to move here to work) so I suspect the new grads and transplants drive the market price for a PA down... not sure. Maybe I’m just working in the wrong place? thanks to all for reading this far ?
  3. Hello! I'm a new grad and recently received a job offer and contract. I wanted to see what other PAs thought and things I should negotiate since this is my first experience with this. Position is with a spine surgery practice in Texas: - Salary $90K with yearly bonus "at discretion of CEO." This seems a little low, but hard to negotiate as I have no experience. - 2 weeks paid vacation - In my interview they also stated that major holidays were off as well. Need to clarify if these would be paid or not. Is this reasonable time off or too little? - 5 days sick leave with doctor's note - CME allowance of $2500. They stated in interview that I also would have 5 days for CME, so I need to clarify this with my contract and whether they are paid or not and have this included in writing. - Malpractice insurance is provided "consistent with reasonable surgical physician assistant coverage." Obviously need to clarify whether occurrence or claims maid. And tail or not. - Individual health insurance covered by employer. Family health insurance covered by employee. I only need coverage for myself, so this sounded like a good deal to me. Other than above, I also wanted feedback on my hours. My schedule is described as up to 5 days a week but then later says that 5 days is routine and more days as agreed by PA and physician as needed. Hours may or may not extend past 10 hours per day with workload not to exceed 80 hours a week. There is no mention of call but when discussed they said I should "rarely" be on call. Obviously I'm not trying to get tricked into working 80 hours a week when the job was described as a M-F position. What is the best way to ask that this is clarified and protect myself from being exploited? Appreciate all of your feedback! Thank you!
  4. kmb5662

    Questions on Geisinger

    I am a soon to be new grad currently in the NYC area looking at jobs in the NYC area as well as back in my home state of Pennsylvania. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to how they like working for Geisinger (salary, benefits, work load, etc.) I know the salary in PA isn't so great, but the pay here in NYC isn't much better, especially when you look at the cost of living. If I get a job through Geisinger I could live at home and put a large chunk of my salary towards paying off my loans. I am mainly interested in Emergency Medicine (if they even hire new grads?) and Hospitalist positions. Thanks!
  5. Hi All, Does anyone have any experience with being compensated with RVU alone? Our physician staffing firm is contemplating straight RVU compensation. We have been hourly since the beginning, but recently there has been a lot of talk about going to RVU w/o a base salary just like our supervising ED Docs. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. JBS
  6. Any derm PA's out there who work at Kaiser, Sutter, CA Skin Institute, Berman, or other larger corporations? I'm working in private practice now and have a lot of flexibility with my schedule which is nice, but not the kind of benefits and salary I think I could potentially have at the other. Could you share your experience as far as schedule, salary and/or benefits? And, if you've worked both private and/or corporate, which do you prefer and why? Thank you!
  7. Hey all, I have been a PA for 9 years now (1yr cardiac sx, 4yrs EM, 4yrs ortho hand) and just took a new position about one year ago in a new specialty. I went from Hand surgery/upper extremity ortho to ENT. I have a good salary and when I started, the bonus structure was TBD as I am their first APP. My position is unique as they wanted a PA to help offload consults and hospital rounds in the afternoon so the on call physician doesn't get stuck doing everything after their day. I typically see patients in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon (only until about 230pm to allow for time to go to the various hospitals depending on what has come in for the day). Sometimes I am super busy in the afternoon and cannot get to everything (but I leave around 5pm, although, some weeks my days are longer, regardless) and other times there isn't much to do and I will help out one of the docs with their PM clinic or catch up on patient phone calls, notes, etc. LSome weeks I am bored in the afternoon but they want me to be 'available.' I help out in surgery, but rarely, despite 5yrs of OR experience. I was completely new to ENT, so, to some extent, I had to be taught a lot this past year, however, on the other hand, I have lots of experience with abscess drainage, hospital familiarity, etc, so, a lot of things did not have to be taught. I just had my annual review and I have received pretty much all positive remarks. They are thrilled to have a PA and wonder why they didn't hire one sooner. They are a pretty old school private practice, so, a lot of the physicians don't prefer me to first assist them in the OR (they help each other out), which would be another way for me to make $$ for the practice. For this past year, they have given me a 5k bonus (I'm ok with that given my learning curve). I currently make 105k for 4.5d a week, plus $1800 cellphone reimbursement, laptop, and 4 weeks vacation. We discussed a bonus structure moving forward and I was asked what I thought was an appropriate bonus. I said 5-10% annually. I have my numbers, also, and in just 3 quarters, I have almost earned my salary and I am projected to pay for myself in charges with a full year of work, despite some afternoons not having much to do and having to train office staff that I am a provider and how to schedule me patients, etc. The issue is, they want to provide a bonus quarterly based on 'how they think I'm doing." There will be a low tier, middle tier, and high tier. They said most of the time, the expectation is that I will probably get middle tier $$ and usually only reach the highest tier if I seem to have an exceptional quarter. They also said putting in more face time with the physician partners in the office to 'help them out' in the afternoon when I'm not busy in a hospital can be a real boost. Some of our docs love it when I help and other docs don't seem to really want a PA in their office flow...they are used to doing everything themselves and it is awkward. The issue is, I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of my bonus being based solely on subjective opinions of the partners. Some seasons are busier than others with the number of consults that come in and while I try to see everything that we get, sometimes I physically cannot make it to 4 different hospital facilities in an afternoon (for consults ranging from epistaxis management to abscess drainage to trach care). When I asked about a bonus based on productivity, however, they said they don't want to incentivize my office productivity because they care more about me being available to help out in the hospital to offset having to see consults after their main office day. I just have no control over the subjective opinions of the physicians and I also don't have control over what comes in from the hospitals. They are open to ideas, but, I don't have any. Can anyone provide any sort of alternative bonus structure? THANKS!
  8. I have ~5 years of experience. This offer is from a big hospital with a well integrated PA practice, in a moderate cost-of-living area. - Salary 125K. - 12 hour shifts with 1:3 weekends and 1:4 nights. Required to work 2 federal holidays per year. Shift differential amounts to ~5K per year by my calculation. - 403b with 2% match. - Pension (!) vested at 3 years of service. - Health insurance 80/20 until out of pocket max. Vision and dental through reimbursement account that is pretty generously funded, IMO. FSA and dependent care accounts available. - 22 days PTO, includes sick time. - 4K dedicated CME funds, plus 5 days CME time separate from PTO. Unclear about malpractice coverage. I'm pretty pleased with the offer since it's a step up from my current salary and the benefits seem good but I would welcome outside perspectives. This is the first time I've ever come across someplace still offering a pension, so I don't know how to look at that. The way the nights and weekends are structured seems like a lot of work but I don't know if it's worth arguing about with the salary being what it is. I was also told that a lot of the PAs in the group prefer weekends and nights and are often wanting to trade for them (no guarantees, of course).
  9. I know this seems like such an easy question to answer, but I can’t seem to find it. I know a lot of PA’s say they make around $100k a year, but is that without bonuses? Do PA’s get paid time and a half for OT hours or are they just on a flat salary whether they work 40 hours or 60? I’m interested in becoming a surgical PA, which I’m sure comes with some more offered (sometimes mandatory) hours than someone in something like family care. I’m completely fine with this, just curious as to how the pay would differentiate. With that being said, do you get paid more when working over 40, or is it a flat salary?
  10. Hi gang! We're running into some comp structure issues at my company and while the AAPA report can be helpful, I'm not sure how truly reflective it is of our pay. If any of you wouldn't mind, we'd appreciate any input you have to offer regarding your comp! Link is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8fdawO01-YL2G98-lb0rvwog2uLW6z8WeMJWQR9syQwU9Mg/viewform thank you thank you thank you! Sarah
  11. I am looking at relocating. What do you think is a fair hourly rate (no benefits) for an experienced pediatric physician assistant in California?
  12. leneaola

    Critical Care PA pay

    Hi, Trying to get some information regarding critical care PA compensation in order to present a reasonable salary and raise structure to our group with an increasing number of PAs. - Currently we work day shifts only, 8am-8pm - around 2 weekends per month, no extra pay - holidays as scheduled, no extra pay - Good health, dental, 401k - start at 1wk vacation per year, increases yearly by a week up to 4wks per year - 8 hours sick leave per month - $1000 CME, but no extra CME time off - they pay for all licensing, DEA, etc. We currently get paid per shift, our contract states 163 shifts per year, but if we work more than that we get paid the per shift rate (nothing extra for more than 3 shifts per week/ more than 40 hours per week) So: What are people seeing as starting salary for new grads in critical care and what are shifts per week to be considered full time? What are average annual raises/ cost of living raises/ salary increases with years of experience? Do people generally get extra pay for more than three 12 hour shifts per week? Differential for weekends or holidays? Bonuses? If so, what are they based on and how much are they? I have 8 years experience in critical care. Anymore with similar years of experience, what is your pay/salary? what is your average patient load for a 12 hour shift? Thanks so much for any help you all can give!
  13. Hi everyone, If anyone is interested in a great critical care job in Southern Oregon, please take a look at the job posting section. We are looking for a PA or NP with critical care experience. The hours are good and there are lots of opportunities to do procedures. I've been here > 9 years and can vouch for it being a good place to work. The pay potential is very good as well. Check out the job posting section on the forum if you are interested! Best regards, JCRITCAREPAC
  14. Psychiatry Option 1 I have 2 offers I am trying to work through. A prominent doctor has offered a 50/50 split on reimbursement. He has been transparent and each of his providers has made over 150k the last 3 years. The being said the position is 1099. I have little experience with 1099 salaries, but I know that I will be taxed greatly. My wife carries our insurance so that is not an issue. This guy knows how to squeeze every penny out of billing and will teach me, and this may be beneficial in the future. He will pay malpractice. He offers an office and unlimited patients. I'm worried after tax the 150 really turns out to like 100 or less but he said "you wont pay that much in taxes" He gave me his CPA card and said you should form an S corp and other stuff to save money. I have no idea what it means. Offer 2 115k year one and 125k year two all standard benefits. There is an RVU bonus of 32 dollars per RVU above 3906 (seems way high?) This is W2.
  15. Currently I am getting paid a salary but if I reach a certain level of production ( I have to see about 280-300 pts a month in my FP clinic to reach that) I get paid 25% of my collections. This is not in addition to my salary so its not like a bonus or anything. My question is about production pay. I am wondering if any PA's out there are on straight production. This is the model that they are wanting to start. Again the number that they are going to give us is 25% of collections which seeing about 300 pt/month comes out to like 9300 (pretax, benefits, etc.) I feel that the percentage should be 30-40% from what I have heard and read about but again I am not sure. I have been working as a PA for 3 years and don't know a lot about "production pay" only. Is 25% good, ok or just crap? Any insight would help as I am going to be talking to my company in about a week to discuss this.
  16. jtilley7

    Looking to move to Seattle

    My wife and I are planning on moving to Seattle this fall. We are both PAs, I work in orthopedics and my wife does urogynecology. We just submitted our applications for WA state license. Roughly how long does it take to get a license? We both have 4 years experience and based on current job postings I was thinking our salary would roughly be $115K, is this within reason for a PA with 4 years experience in Seattle? I currently work as an inpatient Ortho PA at a teaching hospital and would prefer a similar position. Are there any hospitals other than UW that may have a similar position? I am open to working in a clinic but O.R. time is a must and I am not interested in taking call. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  17. I hope some of you will help me with this. Thanks already! I have recently received a job offer in rural family medicine clinic that is located 3.5 hours from home. There is a NP and a physician full time at the clinic. This will be my first job since PA school. I went to 1 interview with them and they paid for travel and hotel. I genuinely enjoyed speaking with the staff during my interview and I would be very happy to work there. When I got the phone call for the offer a couple of days ago, they only mentioned salary and he said because I will be full time I will have full benefits. Before the interview, they emailed me a benefits book that included this: Salary: $81,369.60 yearly at $39.12/hour 2016 AAPA salary for family medicine 0-1 year (In the US) 10th: $70,000 with $300 bonus ($40/hr) 25th: $78,250 with $1000 bonus ($43.01/hr) 50th: $85,000 with $5000 bonus($45.00/hr) 75th: $90,000 with $10,000 bonus ($51.00/hr) 90th: $95,111 with $15,600 bonus ($61.00/hr) 0 - 1 year for my state 10th: $25,000 with $2000 bonus 25th: $75,000 with $4000 bonus 50th: $80,000 with $5000 bonus 75th: $90,000 with $6000 bonus 90th: $93,000 with $11,000 bonus I don't know yet if I will get a bonus besides the sign-on bonus. Schedule: No weekends, no on-call, no admissions. Monday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Tuesday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Wednesday: 8am – 11:30am Thursday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Friday: 8am -1pm / 2pm-4:30pm Medical and dental: Coverage effective after 30 days of satisfactory employment. Basic life insurance 1x my annual base earnings up to a maximium of $500,000. Coverage is effective the first day of the month following 90 day of satisfactory employment. PTO (vacation, holidays, personal time, sick time); begin accruing PTO hours on first day of employment. ` Exempt: 0-60 months (up to 5 years) accrued rate per hr: 0.1077 maximum hours accrued annually: 224 Maximum 8 hr days accrued annually: 28 Maximum PTO hours accumulated: 848 What I was told during the interview: They will cover CME, licensure and DEA fees. They will provide relocation allowance and they will provide a sign-on bonus. I will be trained on the job. They have an on site physician and NP to help me as I see patient. I will have 30 mins per patients and at first I will have 8-10 patients per day. All new patients to the practice. On average, the the PAs there see 16-18 patients per day. Questions that I have: As a new grad, do we negotiate from the 50th % and up? Can I negotiate salary before they tell me CME, sign on bonus amount ect? How can I negotiate a better salary considering my state's salary range? The offer was via phone, do I need to accept the offer first for them to put everything they told me on paper? I will ask about malpractice insurance, yearly bonus, number of days of CME and how much, holidays off, annual raise and contract term if any. Any other questions and tips to better my counter offer email? Thank you so much.
  18. Mr_Woodsie

    EMCARE employees?

    Hello all, My current ER will be under the management of EmCare starting in a few months. I am curious if anyone here can inform me of the typical salaries and bonus structure they offer. I'm currently in the southeast. Thanks.
  19. aimyhtixela

    Primary care salary in WA

    Asking for a friend -- Can anyone please comment on new grad salary for family medicine in WA state? A friend has gotten offers around 85K in rural WA. Seems pretty low. Their argument is that there is no state income tax but Nevada doesn't either and I've seen offers there that start in six figures.
  20. mdsimspa

    Another Salary Negotiation

    I have been a PA for 16 years. During that time I spent the first 3 years in Fam Med and Internal medicine, 2 1/2 years in ER, and the remainder of the time in Urgent Care with some overlap in CVT surgery for 9 months. I've recently had an offer from a reputable dermatologist to take a position working under his supervision and taking over a practice in an outlying, under-served community which he is in the process of purchasing from a retiring colleague. I'm consider the opportunity due to a concern about the future of my current job due to the process of a buyout. The dermatologist initially offered me a base of $101,000 with a bonus of which he hasn't disclosed. I declined his offer and now he's offering a productivity-based salary of 30% collections--no base salary. I'm unsure of this offer, mainly due to the ignorance of dermatology billing and insurance/MC reimbursement. At my current urgent care practice, we have outside billing and collections and my bonus is patient-number based, not collections or billing based. What can I expect in this offer? Is there a way to determine a projected salary? I've asked for the current MDs patient numbers and billing, but I'm not sure if I can obtain his actual collections records or not. Are you able to give me an idea of what to expect in collections numbers or help by giving suggestions as to what I need to ask for to determine collections numbers? I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer.
  21. Given the incredibly small number of respondents, the AAPA salary data is almost worthless. Meanwhile, reading the responses to many of these posts often makes it seem that almost any offer is too low! Does anyone here practice in the southeast (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee)? I think Florida is a separate animal and it's still hard to know if comparisons between states translates well. However, given a more or less standard benefits package as a full-time employee (health, CME, PTO, 3% escalating to 10% retirement 401K), what do you think is a fair hourly salary range for a new grad in EM? What about for an experienced person, e.g. with 3+ years of experience?
  22. Hi, I am currently a Pre-Health student. I am torn between becoming a PA or MD. I have a strong interest in perusing internal medicine and I was wondering what life is like for internal medicine PAs. What's the day to day like? Average salary? Scope of practice? Hours worked? I know a lot of specialities allow PAs to have a lot of autonomy and I was wondering if this was one of those specialities. I don't mind working under a doctor, but I want to have a decent amount of autonomy.
  23. I really need some advice from my fellow colleagues. I will explain my situation, and the predicament I am facing. I have been a PA for 13 years. I started a new job and brand new specialty 6 months ago. When it sounded too good to be true, it was. I also work in another specialty prn. This was agreed upon when I signed my contract. I am paid an annualized salary for a certain number of hours per week. No benefits, other than a small amount of CME and some paid sick/vaca. It is a solo physician practice, however, I learned that my SP is not "in charge" of his own practice. It is the office manager who has the upper hand. She runs the show, and makes sure everyone knows it. Trying to make a longer story short-I have been giving everything I have into this practice, going above and beyond to be an excellent employee, by increasing productivity, and giving my patients superior care. Initially, the workload was not as much of an issue, because I was building a patient base. I have always had remote access from home, but had to beg to get this. My contract was changed at that time, but it's not clear in the wording. Now, I am booked solid for four months. I am working 10-12 hour days without lunch or a break. I am still not finished and have to work hours from home, but I am not being compensated. I have tried discussing this with my SP, but she doesn't seem to want to deal with any of these issues. It is all being handled by the crazy office manager, who micromanages the heck out of everyone. I started getting 10-12 emails per day, on what I was doing wrong (mostly billing issues), and basically telling me how to practice. She is now making my life miserable. I was sent 128 "tasks" to go back and fix. The tasks were all basically the same reoccurring code that I used (didn't understand initially, but now I do). The code just needs to be removed from the charts. This was the icing on top of the cake. I found this to be so absurd that I laughed. I already dont have time for my administrative tasks that I'm not getting compensated for. AND, my medical assistant is not allowed to help me in many ways. The problem is, I like and respect my SP. My contract says 90 days, but I cannot continue to do this much longer. I have a feeling they will require me to adhere to the 90 days, and pay tail coverage. I am also owed CME money. At this point I don't care, I just want out. I plan to continue my prn job, and that's it. I have to recertify this year as well-after that, I'm done. Tired of getting taken advantage of. Could I argue that 30 days would suffice, otherwise, any time beyond that would only contribute to the detriment of my physical and mental health? I have lost so much time with my family, and have fallen asleep at the computer at 2-3am multiple times. I am the 3rd PA in 2 years. Duh, why didn't I see that!? Please, any friendly advice would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hi all, I've been working as a general medical provider for a state psychiatric hospital for about one year. I'm leaving my current position at the end of June, but will be staying on PRN. It's just not a good fit for me professionally to remain here full-time. I was offered a hospitalist job today at a 590-bed Level I Trauma and Stroke center. They are building a 42-bed observational unit which will open January 2018, and this unit will be the main focus of my position once it opens. Until then, I will work at the regional sister hospital (which is 20 miles away) rounding on all units. Here are the particulars: Things I'm OK with... - $100,000 base salary. - 1 year contract renewed annually. - Quarterly performance bonus, not to exceed $25,000/year. - Bonus based upon the following metrics: # of patient encounters, quality of work, timely completion of notes (w/in 24 hours), and peer reviews. - Malpractice dues paid by employer. - 180 10-hour shifts per year, divided into 7on/7off schedule (7:30AM-5:30PM). - 30-day termination of employment required by both parties (unless something illegal/unethical occurs, etc). Things I'm not OK with... - REQUIRED to see minimum of 15 patients per shift. - 401k/profit sharing, medical/dental benefits available, but no mention of what the match is, the cost, or anything else for that matter. - They will pay my state and organizational licensing dues only. All other CME expenses are to be paid by me. - Tail coverage required, and paid for by me. - Required days of call and carrying pager, but no mention of how often or whether it's paid or not (verbally she told me it would be paid, but it's not written in this contract). - Apparently if I have to file an employment lawsuit or if they have to file a lawsuit against me, I have to pay THEIR legal fees as well as my own. - Not really OK with a maximum yearly bonus amount either, but it's better than no bonus... - The vague parameters of this entire contract... I am so disappointed with this. I used to work for an employment lawyer years ago, so I'm going to see if she will review this for me and help with a counter. But, how do you all think I should counter based on your experiences? I'm going to put this in the PA Professional Folder as well, in hopes of catching a few more people who can assist. Thanks!

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