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Campbell University PA Program

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From what I've heard, Campbell has had two rounds of interviews so far, one in September and one in October. Each session has had roughly 24 applicants (12 morning, 12 afternoon). I interviewed last Friday Oct 19th with about 3 weeks notice beforehand.


One plus is they give you a decision very quickly (within a week or so). If you have any more specific questions, feel free to message me!

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I applied as well. My application was completed Oct. 11th. I read through some of the past forums and it seemed they had Sept, Oct, and Nov interviews (at least), and that they started emailing people about interviews the following month at the end of the current month (ex: the last week of Oct, they sent out Nov invites). Those who are put back in the pile, to say, get the "still reviewing application" email each cycle when interview invites are sent out until eventually they are offered an invite or denied.


Best of luck to everyone!

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I completed my app late August and just got an email for an interview Dec 12.

Any tips from those who have already interviewed?? Please?!?!


The staff at Campbell are not out to harm you. I interviewed on 11/16/12. My interview was the most delightful part of the application process (besides being accepted :;-D:). I was nervous (because I was at a PA school interview!) at first, but they really made it a relaxing environment. The whole process really calmed me down and let me shine. I think that's what their intention is. :-)


The questions they asked were pretty specific to my application and they just asked me about my different experiences so be able to talk about the things you've said on your application.


Good luck :-)

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