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Accepted Students Barry St. Croix Class of 2019

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Hey could you list your stats? just curious because I'd really like to apply for this program on the next application cycle. Just need to take Organic chem. I applied for 9 schools this year and so far received 6 rejection letters, so I need to work on making my app more desirable.

10,000 hours as a CNA, most in a hospital with a year in ICU

3.65gpa with similar science GPA

26 years old, plenty of good LORs as far as I know. GRE was 165/145, with 3/6 writing. I am going to contest the 3/6 portion after this application cycle.

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    • By EstherM
      Hi everyone, and congratulations if you've been accepted to OHSU for the class of 2022!  I look forward to meeting you and the rest of our cohort in June 2020.  🙂 
      OHSU staff will create a Facebook group for us in February once the cohort is complete.  Until then, I'd like to get to know each other and compare notes to prepare for the gauntlet ahead of us.  First things that come to mind:
      1.  Housing:  I'm moving from San Diego to Portland, and I've been hunting for subsidized housing near campus.  Does anyone know of a student housing waitlist?  I've seen some buildings designated for college students attending any college in Portland.  If I'm unable to find a reasonable studio, then I'd be open to a roommate situation.  PM me if you're similarly inclined.  🙂
      2.  Studying:  This forum has some great advice for handling the stress and rigor of PA programs.  I just purchased the audiobook Make It Stick by Peter Brown, recommended by a PA graduate for studying techniques that improve retention.  I plan to review A&P, Medical Terminology, and EKG interpretation.  I imagine Pathophysiology and Pharmacology will hit me hard.  Flashcards and making summary pages have worked well for me in the past.  How about you? 
      Study groups have helped me as long as everyone was as focused/motivated to contribute as much as I was without things turning into social hour.  Otherwise, I do better studying alone.  I tend to be shy under stress and hesitant to talk about my mistakes.  I want to connect with others, support everyone's success, and coach each other through the low points.  Plus, being too socially isolated would only make PA school that much harder.  
      3.  Stress:  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to cry and freak out at some point, haha.  From what others have said, that's totally normal.  I handle stress by exercising and meditating (no drinking/smoking).  My spirituality also helps.  My worst fear is failing an exam and risking my dream / reputation / a ton of debt.  My goal is to do my best, one week at a time, no matter what.  It will be a challenge to fight the fear or "never good enough" voice of perfectionism, but I know it can be done.  I hope to impart optimism to my peers.  What helps you deal with stress?  
    • By rphinson
      Interviewed July 12th, offered a seat on the 19th!
      Who else has been offered a seat?
      I wanted to initiate a thread we could use to share thoughts about the transition from here until Day 1 of class. I'd like to schedule a Meet and Greet prior, if people are interested.
      Questions on the background check, immunization requirements or FAFSA? What neighborhoods are you looking at? Looking for roommates? Need information on Chicago? When are you looking at moving out if you're coming from elsewhere? Where are you coming from? What would make you feel more comfortable getting ready for matriculation?
    • By koricometh1
      Who's been accepted to PA programs where the majority of pre req courses were taken online?
    • By jspreen
      Just wanted to start a thread for this upcoming year!
      Verified 6/7...
      CGPA- 3.83
      Patient Care - 1300 (EMT) , 150 ( voulenteer pt aid)
      5 letters of rec
      Good luck
    • By Naisphan
      Hey! If anyone has any questions regarding PA school or their application please don't hesitate to let me know!
      I applied to 9 schools, got accepted to 1, waitlisted at 4 schools and denied to 4 schools.
      When I was applying there were not many resources to find other students who were accepted with low GPAs to see what they have done, so I just want to help out as much as possible. This is a very stressful part of an individual's life and having someone to relate to can definitely help out.
      If anyone feels uncomfortable commenting their questions on here or need a super fast response, feel free to message me on my instagram as well: Naisphan
      Right now, I'm a volunteer pre-pa mentor for two community colleges in my neighborhood.
      I don't want to make this a super long post but a quick overview of my statistics:
      cGPA: 3.1
      sGPA: 3.01
      Last 60 credit hours: 3.8
      PCE: 2600
      HCE: 1500
      Shadowing Hours: 144
      GRE: Did not take
      There is so so so much more than just the numbers. I really mean that. I have spoken with a whole bunch of PA admissions committee members directly at multiple schools about my application and also what they're looking for in potential applicants. I've also spoken to many students and pre-pa mentors as well to help me throughout the process.
      With my low GPA, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it into school but with the help of my mentors I was able to craft a great application.
      Don't be discouraged at all, there are so many things to do to make your application much better!!! It really is a holistic application and as long as you reach the minimums, anything is possible from there. Again, AMA either here or on my instagram page!!!
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