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  1. Hey Sphingo, In all honesty, you should not be nervous for this interview. They ask VERY basic questions that you should expect at any interview, so just have those basic answers prepared and you will do great! The group interview is very relaxed and fun as well. Overall, I don't think the interview process could have been more laid back. It's easy to tell that they are simply trying to get to know you and do not throw out crazy questions to catch you off guard. You will do great! Good Luck!
  2. I think I will, yes. I absolutely loved Roanoke and the school so it seems like a good fit for me! What about you?
  3. Hey Jon! I sat next to you at the interview for awhile. I was accepted as well! Congrats!!!
  4. Has anyone heard back from the nov 30th interview? I am on pins and needles!
  5. yes I did, I will be interviewing on Nov. 30th and 12:30 :D
  6. i just went back and checked my CASPA. I submitted mine on 7/19/12 and i think all my materials were there around the same time or within a week of that date too. (mainly meaning my GRE).
  7. Hey, Is anyone applying to Campbell for this cycle? If so, any interviews yet?
  8. I think I also submitted mine in early August! Jefferson is just now calling people so keep your fingers crossed! Where did you interview already?
  9. awesome! i am going to be there on november 30th for the afternoon session. what about you?
  10. Has anyone heard about an interview for this cycle?
  11. Has anyone gotten an interview with USA yet?
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