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  1. baussie

    VA HPSP 2020

    I just received a rejection. I am obviously disappointed but also surprised I wasn't even selected for alternate status because I had a significant history of working with veteran populations, relevant work experience, etc. I am not a veteran myself. I applied as an incoming student for two years of funding at/around $100K total cost.
  2. baussie

    VA HPSP 2020

    Haven’t received a decision, but in case anyone is looking for general updates - I submitted around May 12th and received an email this afternoon that I was referred on for further consideration. Seems to fit with the timeline others have reported of approximately two weeks to receive referral. Email states PA candidates will receive a decision within 60 days.
  3. baussie

    VA HPSP 2020

    Not sure what you’re looking for as far as advice since everything is pretty clearly laid out on the website and they’re very responsive to questions. But I will say that if you’re hoping to do derm, as your username suggests, i assume you’re aware Derm is highly competitive even on the civilian side and no less elusive in the VA. If you’re willing to move anywhere it may happen but you should be prepared to serve your two years in IM, psych, EM, etc. They want to see a good GPA above 3.0, some kind of commitment or sincerity toward serving veterans, good LOR, and follow the directions exactly dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. Second year PA students (or upperclassmen for other professions like PharmD, MD) get priority due to funding.
  4. baussie

    VA HPSP 2020

    There are 6-8 documents you will need to complete and then upload with your USA jobs application, including the application itself (which has the essay prompts), 2-3 letters of recommendation, federal employment declaration, etc. These all have to be printed, signed, etc by the appropriate parties. It took me 2-3 weeks to get my packet put together by the time I collected transcripts, filled everything out, got my recommendation letters back, etc. These documents are individually linked under the “required documents” portion of the job description on the USAJobs listing.
  5. The HPSP application/guide is very clear that is it not retroactive and does not apply to any semesters prior to awarding/acceptance of the award. And it is not an inherently "full-ride" scholarship and nowhere does it state that - they agree to cover only whatever school you have remaining once you are awarded and accept. If you haven't started a program yet, your whole tuition may be covered. If you're already in clinical with only 10 months left, they will pay for whatever you have left, etc. You are better off checking out this thread for HPSP 2020. Also search for the 2019 HPSP thread. Lots of good info.
  6. baussie

    VA HPSP 2020

    They are federally required (their words, not mine) to give preference to second year students over first. So if you applied for the whole 30 months and are just starting school, that could be why. And I assume it’s relative to funding. alternate isn’t a rejection. So maybe it will still happen for you.
  7. The pre-reqs are pretty clearly laid out on the website and the school is generally super quick to respond to email questions, although I'm not sure how they're doing at the moment amid all the chaos. I can attempt to answer - What questions do you have?
  8. I received the email this morning, as well, and have not interviewed. Looks like it was probably sent to anyone who hasn't had prior communication from the program this year after submitting their app (i.e. hasn't been invited to interview).
  9. I doubt the class is full, even if it's close - previous years' threads indicate interviews usually occur monthly until at least Nov/Dec (last year), and there were interviews all the way up until January and February in 2017 and 2018. Also, I'm not sure what the stats are as far as people getting off the waitlist at Methodist, but many people who have already been accepted to Methodist are still interviewing at other schools, meaning there will likely be seats to open up in the program.
  10. I saw you were accepted to methodist, too. Are either of those your top picks? Do you have any comments about what makes you lean to one program over another between those two?
  11. No; both GRE and transcripts only need to be sent to the PA program/CASPA. Once you complete your grad school application and get your payment made, within a day or two it should update to "complete" meaning that you are not missing any documents. It also states on the grad app website and in the email you receive once you submit it that PA school applicants don't need to submit transcripts.
  12. Methodist appears to send invites 3-4 weeks prior to the interview date. Based on posts from the last several years, it looks like January invites are usually sent out mid December. And it also looks like there are rarely interviews past January, I think I only saw one year where someone posted about an interview in February. Not to be negative, but those of us who haven’t gotten an invite yet aren’t looking at great odds.
  13. Marion is a small town, which I'm sure any of you who have visited will know (population of about 6,000). As you also know, this is a pretty medically underserved area of Virginia and I would say a large portion of the population is hovering around the poverty line, both above and below. People don't really move in and out frequently - they will be born there, live there, and die there - so there isn't a huge market for rentals. And keep in mind that apartment rentals here aren't going to have bigger city amenities like a community pool, fitness room, etc. You get your apartment, and a parking space. That's about it. In the past year or two, they developed some great apartments downtown with E&H grad students specifically in mind. I'm actually surprised that E&H went ahead The only downside is there aren't very units - I think 12 or 15? But definitely a nice apartment complex. They're called Francis Apartments and the number to inquire about renting is (276) 780-3561. If you have trouble getting ahold of someone, let me know and I can put you in direct contact with the owner. There is a large set of apartments as you crest the hill to go to the campus - I cannot for the life of me remember the name right now, and a Google search failed me. You can probably see the school from your apartment, and it's only about 0.3 miles, but it's not great to walk because it's a busy intersection with no sidewalks and no pedestrian walkways. Those are decent apartments that a lot of people live in when they come back to Marion after college or after they first move out of their parents' house. I'd say the mix leans more towards 30's and up, and many people there are long time residents. They're older apartments, but there is very little in this town that is new, so take it for what it's worth. There's another set called Country Club Crossing that I know a few people who have lived there, but I personally haven't seen what the inside looks like. I'd stay away from the complexes on the west side of town - - those are rough. Oh! EDITED TO ADD: A great place to look/inquire might be the Facebook group "Smyth County Yard Sale" - https://www.facebook.com/groups/478851678841090/?ref=group_browse_new That's pretty much the hub for all things renting/buying/selling. Probably your best bet if you don't have luck with Francis Apartments. Real Estate is expensive (and again, few people seem to ever leave), so the rental market is very slow. A lot of the realtors aren't up on Zillow, and no one there is using Pad Mapper, Airbnb, or even Craigslist. They're just old fashioned. People have for rent signs in their yards, but even those don't go up very often. I'd call some of the Real Estate agents and see if they've got anything. Sorry if that was more vague than helpful - I'll make a couple calls tonight and see if I can get some more info for you.
  14. I'm an applicant for this cycle but also wanted to mention that this school is in my (tiny) hometown where I was born and raised, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to post away or message me! I'm happy to help anyone who will be new to the area.
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