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  1. Just logged on to my portal. "ACCEPTED!!" I interviewed on Nov. 9th, afternoon session. Congratulations to you too, PA0617!!
  2. Hi Lolo13. What did you mean by your comment "from past forums" regarding the email? Thanks.
  3. Hi PAstudent9. Afternoon session. Mine still reads "Application completed" as well.
  4. Congrats, Lantech! I was told by a first year student that the FB page does not get set up until the Spring.
  5. Hi! Wanted to create an area for accepted students of Barry University's Class of 2020, Miami campus. Will you be attending?
  6. I received an email to interview in September but was cancelled due to the hurricanes. I interviewed on October 6th - PA day! :)
  7. Hi all! Coming from MIAMI and I will be interviewing on November 9th at 10:45. Anyone else interviewing then?
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