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  1. Have you already sold your equipment? If not, what is included and how much? Thanks!
  2. So about how much is the cost of living so far? The school estated around 27k but is that realistic?
  3. Is Brightwood Crossing priced per person/room?
  4. Jackiekay27...where did you locate a 2 br place? Is it close to the school? I have only done some light browsing of the apartments and they all seem to be 3-4 br places.
  5. I accidentally created a group for us on FB. I was trying to just group contacts. But figured I would just keep it, the name is "Elon PA Class of 2016". https://www.facebook.com/groups/421296044628274/
  6. I am in the same boat. Household income is getting cut in half so affordable is the only way to go. Since I am moving away from my family, I want to be right at the school and it looks like the apartments need 3-4 people in them! I believe Elon said a FB page would be set up for us but again I am game to start our own now. Also, have you guys received your packets yet?? I just want it to be official!
  7. Yes, I will be for sure. Can't wait for the packet to make it official! I am a major pre-planner and am already looking at housing in the area. What about you guys?
  8. I will be there on 2/22 also s59reese! Any idea what the "written exercise" is gonna be about??
  9. I have applied for the 2014 class. Waiting to hear about an interview!
  10. I am looking to shadow a PA, in any specialty, in the Raleigh, Clayton, Smithfield, North Carolina areas. Please message me if you are willing and available!
  11. Someone suggested I research how Campbell interviews prior to mine and I was wondering if you could share or if it is confidential? I read that some schools have the applicants take tests or write essays and that would certainly be nice to be aware of before hand. Any info on their structure would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks guys. I have been stewing about this for a few days and I do believe that patient care is what I want and so am going with the PA program itself. It is not like I cannot go back for the MSPH in the future!
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