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Accepted Students - Barry University - Miami Campus - Class of 2020

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I just posted about Facebook groups for the class of 2020 on the main application cycle page. Right after I posted I saw this page! I will be attending the Miami Campus as well. I am so excited to meet everyone!!

Also, just a heads up I will be looking for roomies as it gets closer. I am not from Florida so I am looking to save money anywhere I can! 

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10 hours ago, ecollent said:

When is the white coat ceremony? What safe communities around the university do students usually live and are there any places that we should avoid?

Our orientation was from Aug. 14-18th and the white coat ceremony was on the 1st day of orientation (yours will probably be around the same days). 

Everyone lives in different areas and I haven't heard of anyone having any issues safety-wise. Most common areas are Brickell, North Bay Village, and Aventura (those are also the pricier areas unless you have a roommate or two). The only area I would recommend to not live is directly west of school (Little Haiti) or Overtown. I'm living in an efficiency (a studio that's part of a larger house) in an area called the Roads and it takes me exactly 12 minutes to get to school. 

I'm actually a local (originally lived about 40 miles south of school so I decided to move closer for didactic year) so if you have any other questions about Miami let me know! 

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1 hour ago, Morgan2940 said:

To those who have paid their deposit, I am having trouble seeing how to do this online! I was given my student ID number with my acceptance letter, but when I login into myBarry, do not see where to make this payment. Anyone that can help?

Have you already emailed ms.spence about the acceptance? she sends instructions on it all. This was in an email she sent me "

f you have not already done so, please follow the instructions on how to create a MyBarry account using the email address we have on file. If for whatever reason you create an account and do not see the option to make a payment, please allow 24-48 hours for your account to link to our system. If you still have issues after 48 hours, contact the HelpDesk(305-899-3604). Please explain that you have just been accepted to the PA Program and you are attempting to pay your enrollment deposit through MyBarry."

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On 2/1/2018 at 10:58 AM, sndunham94 said:

Hi everyone!

I was accepted last week and can't wait to meet you guys!

I was wondering if anyone knew how the tuition worked? I know its $32,800 per year, but what about those last four months of school (didactic 2)?

I hope everyone has a great day!

4 months is 1/3 of a year, so it's approximately 11k.

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Hey guys, interviewed the 19th, found out that following Wednesday I was accepted. Also, coming from Pennsylvania so all about the roommate situation. My uncle coaching football at Florida International, so I have eyes down there to check out places and where best not to stay. Congrats to everyone and I'm really excited to meet everyone! 

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