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I wanted to start a thread for all students that got into St. Croix class of 2018 so we could get to know each other a little better. Does anyone know if we have a Facebook page yet?

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Sorry for the intrusion onto a page for accepted students, but I hope to be soon.  I have an interview at the STX campus next Friday, and was wondering what to expect.  The email mentioned an essay and a group interview, could anyone give me some insight on what their experience was like?  Thanks.

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I recently got an interview at the STX campus. I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to the limitations, if any, that come with being awarded a physician assistant certificate as opposed to getting a masters in physician assistant studies?

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      Hi! Wanted to create an area for accepted students of Barry University's Class of 2020, Miami campus. Will you be attending?
    • By Elizabethcaruson
      Hi! I started a Facebook group for the Class of 2019, Barry University, St Croix Campus.
      It's called Barry St. Croix Class of 2019.
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      Hey all,
      CASPA open up soon, so I thought I'd open up this topic.
      I am a member of the class of '18 at Miami Shores. I interviewed at a few places last year that had the class above take care of communications related things, so I figured I'd follow suit. Also, for the accepted class into the Miami campus, one (or a few of us) will create your page so that we can answer any questions that you may have (Moving has been the most daunting issue for most of us).
      I'll be here for any questions. So feel free to PM me :D Of course, take multiple views into account, not just mine.
      Best of luck to everybody applying this cycle.
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