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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning, I live in Maryland and am looking in to applying to programs in the next cycle. I am looking for alumni or current students who have insight about the program. Why do you think the program was put on "probationary accreditation"? What are the clinical rotations like? Are they nearby to the campus or do you have to travel? For alums: Did you feel prepared to practice after graduation (what specialty do you work in)? Did anyone do a residency in any specialty after graduating from CCBC? Did you feel you were a competitive applicant? Would you recommend students consider CCBC? Thanks!
  2. For any UNTHSC PA alumni or current students, can you share what you like most about UNT? What made you choose the program and what makes (or doesn't make) you think it is an exceptionally good/enjoyable program and should be a top choice for future PA students? Thank you so much!
  3. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist, currently working in a large hospital laboratory, and I am very interested in becoming a PA and I would appreciate any advice given! I am a generalist, so I work in all of the labs (Hematology, Chemistry, Blood Bank, UA/Coag and some Micro) on any given day. Over the last year, I have become more and more interested in the PA profession and it looks like something that I would love to do. I am now 36 years old, so a little late to the game, but I also know it's not too late. However, I am a little worried that some of my prereq classes are a little too old. I graduated with a Biology Degree in 2004. Will schools still accept older classes or should I retake some of them? Also, as I work in the lab, I do not get any patient interaction, should I look into getting a part-time job to get patient contact experience or should my experience in the lab be enough for HCEs? I thought about getting an EMT certification and trying to get a part-time job as an ER tech. Also, finally my GPA wasn't all that great as an Undergrad. My BCP GPA is 3.04, however my Post Baccalaureate Science GPA is 3.54. I'm hoping that since I did well in a very rigorous MLS program (3.75), while also working full time, that it could offshoot my undergrad GPA. Am I correct in this assumption? So, I guess my main question is, should I get my EMT to try to gain my patient care experience or focus more on retaking prerequisite classes? Thanks for any advice that can be given!
  4. Hello prospective applicants, current students, and alums, I am an out-of-state applicant and was wondering what your thoughts are of attending the information session this spring/summer. I understand that Stanford encourages to attend one information session, but I guess I'm wondering how important it would be to go. The topics that are going to be discussed are all on the website. Also, do any of the faculty and/or admission committee members attend these sessions to answer specific questions? I don't want to spend the extra money on a flight, hotel, rental car, and time away from work if it isn't something worth going to if I can find all the information on the website. Thank you for your insight. :)
  5. Hey, Is anyone applying to Campbell for this cycle? If so, any interviews yet?
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