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Just got the call as well! So excited!!!

I got the call as well! Congrats everyone! 

I got the call! So excited and congrats to everyone. Also good luck for everyone waiting on the next set of interviews.

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6 minutes ago, Deepib said:

Submitted my CASPA app late June..somehow missed that there was a Supplemental due. Too late or should I submit anyway?

It’s COVID times; perhaps more leeway time-wise this cycle? Who knows. There’s about 5-6 essays to write and then you need to snail mail a bank check. Go for it; you already paid the CASPA fee. 

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8 minutes ago, homieeeee said:

Has anyone who interviewed on Sept 19th received a call? Or any other news? Didn't they say October 8th? 😞😞 

Hi! I haven’t gotten any news! And I think they did say it was the 8th but I think it was tentative 😶

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5 minutes ago, steviewisz said:

Does USC only do one round of interviews? Have there been days other than September 19th that people have interviewed? I sure hope so 🥺🤞🏼

Last cycle, they had an interview day each month until February. So there is always hope 🙂

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