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  1. Don’t lose hope, they might make more calls tomorrow.
  2. Not 100% sure if they are done sending out invites or not, but I think they might be done. I believe you have to ask for feedback.
  3. How long are they giving the people who have been accepted to put down a deposit? I’ve been waitlisted
  4. I hope not. After my interview at Samford it became a top choice. Everyone was so nice..kind of bummed
  5. I interviewed last Friday and they said Friday, but not to freak out if we didn’t hear from them today. Still somewhat hoping they making calls this evening.
  6. Got an interview invite yesterday afternoon...may still be hope for more!
  7. I hope they don’t make us wait until Monday lol!
  8. Has anyone heard anything this morning? Gotten any phone calls yet?
  9. Hello! I am a current applicant and have an up coming interview at Samford. Since this PA program is newer I would love to hear about some current students experiences. If you wouldn’t mind sharing how your time at Samford has been It would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to message me privately feel free too! Also please do not hesitate in being honest.
  10. Congrats! When did you receive their invite? The process I would say is traditional. Mostly regular interview, a tour, maybe some writing activity.
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